What's Your Protocol?

How often are and what dosages are you guys injecting?

I heard people with low SHBG should inject less, more often… truth to this?

I inject 100mg of T cyp twice weekly. At the time of injection, I take 0.5mg of arimidex. I also inject 250 iu of hcg E3D.

Injecting more often is better in every way.

Thoughts on the HCG?

Everyone on here has a negative opinion it seems on it… causes anxiety, hot flashes etc? Seems estrogen related?

I’ve been on this forum awhile, and I don’t get that sense about hcg from the members. At a minimum, hcg preserves fertility and the size of the testicles. It will also stimulate a little natural T production. Some actually mention a feeling of well-being from hcg. There can be T->E conversion in the testes which cannot be controlled with an AI, but I think that’s only a problem in guys using large doses of hcg and/or are not using an AI at all.

That’s related to the hCG only therapy where some doctors prescribe humongous doses akin to what are used to bring about ovulation in post-menopausal women. These doses are excessive and cause estrogen related sides and may not give the feeling that T levels induced by it should. This is primarily due to the reason that Nashtide explained. By using low dose hCG with T, there’s no side effects and you keep your nuts from shrinking. Even without the additional mood benefits that are common with hCG, keeping your nuts normal sized and resultantly fertility benefits are alone very good reasons to include hCG in the protocol. 250 iU/EOD is enough to keep testes active and do not cause too much T–>E.

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Not sure what others will say, however what you described above is precisely what happened to me. I’m extremely timid to ever touch the stuff again…but then again I am clearly not as well versed as the majority on this outstanding forum. This is just my attempt to tell you that you aren’t alone and that happens to others.