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What's Your Plan for the Coming Feb 14?


I’m going to gift my intended with three dead rabbits to prove that I can provide meat for her and our children.



Valentines day is stupid invention of shop owners to generate income. I make gifts to my girlfriend or plan romantic gestures on a frequent base but whenever I want, not when society says I should. (With the exception of christmas and birthday).
Luckily she thinks about it the same way.


Literally 99.99% of capitalism, lol…


True but Valentines day has gone too far in that regard for my liking.
Christmas is no different when it comes to materialism but I think it is a wonderful time that brings people together and everyone is cheerful, there are Christmas markets (where I live) and it just has a warm feeling to it. For me it makes more sense to buy presents at this holiday because it is a cheerful time anyway.
Don’t get me wrong, I love to make presents, especially to my girlfriend but on Valentines Day it feels just wrong to buy here something because I feel obligated to and not because I just feel like it.


I usually refrain from exposing everything I experience on here and social media but being I’ve met some great people in real life from this site, including one of my closest friends ever, as well as respecting a lot of people here who is actually like to meet in the future, if possible, I feel comfortable posting this announcement. It’s also the reason I won’t be competing again or for a LONG time.

I wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. I enjoyed the conversations we’ve had in this section aside from our fitness hobbies. Pardon my sarcasm or obtuseness here and there. :grinning::+1::heart_eyes:





You will make a good dad. You are conscientious, thoughtful and grown up. Good luck.


congratulations, Brad


I’m going to the sawmill with my ten yr old
Spend time with my one true love


Congratulations to you and your wife, Brick!


I just wanted to prove that I am a man of my word