What's Your Plan for the Coming Feb 14?

Hello mate,

Sorry for my bit off topic here. I would like to know your interest of coming Feb, 14. What special plan do you have?

Thank you!

Squats and reverse hyper.


its fucking legs day brapppp

Just checked looks like that’s what I’ll be on too.


You don’t like this day?

It’s bad experience so far I think. Because the girl was against the date :frowning:

So shes racist? That usually doesn’t workout well.

Single Dude
-Get some candy (anything heart shaped) to give to girls at bars.

Chubby Chaser
-Go to the grocery store and hit on lonely fat chicks in the ice cream/cookie section.

Dude with G.F.

I usually bake a chocolate cake because that’s what I’ve always done. I put it in a heart shaped pan to make it legit. My husband and I don’t typically do much because I find it silly and unnecessarily stressful. We do nice things together all the time. To each their own though.

Get the wife to a secluded location. Movie, dinner, sleep, alcohol. In some order.

Which envolves finding someone to watch the 1yo and the 3yo. Any takers? They almost never hit you with foam battle axes lol.

Don’t forget to share all nice things with us. :slight_smile:

Probably going to spend more than I’d like on a dinner that is not as good as I’d expect.

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Who is going with you to participate a dinner @dchris?

The whole wait staff and an unknown amount of other celebrators in an arbitrary day. Also, a woman I have made an eternal commitment to.

If I was single, I’d spend my evening hopping between the wine and ice cream aisle pretending to look for merlot or rocky road.

wow fantastic. How many will be there in total?

I haven’t been able to eat at a restaurant within my price range without disappointment in years, and neither has my wife.

I either have to make way more money or find a really fine steakhouse at Applebees prices.


Fuck, I know right?

I could spend $200 on a ‘gastronomic experience’ (what people in Portland call eating out), and have, but at the end of the day it was a short lived experience that I would rather of spent on something far more enjoyable. Last night, for example, stopped to get some food after picking my wife up from the airport. Each tapa was nearly $20, and despite the beautiful descriptive words of the dish, it’s a piece of meat the size of a house key.


That’s very good idea dear. Carry on!