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What's Your Plan for 2010?

This isn’t one of those “I’m gonna start training harder in the new year” posts. It’s more for those of us who are trained hard all year round and plan to keep it that way. Although some might argue it’s good to start the year off with a fresh training cycle.

I’m curious to see what many people plan on doing for the new year, whether it’s still the same thing, a new split, new programming, all raw work, more geared work, etc. What are you going to be doing for 2010? Any major competitions that you have lined up?

IDFPA national champs in March
Irish Open in June (being held on the same weekend at the same location as a major strongman event so it’ll be good craic) - last comp as a junior
WDFPF world champs in November

The plan’s to go over 800kg @ around 96kg or so in March (320/215/275 would be perfect)

Then build towards the WDFPF worlds (home comp this year) and aim for 330/220/280+ @ 100kg OR come down to 90kg and try for a 9x bodyweight total - 1,785lb @ 198

I’ll be running the Smolov intense meso for my squat at the start of next year (mid way thru the base). I plan on running Smolov base meso for my 2 board press at the same time (2 board increase = bench increase for me).

I need to work on my deadlift in a serious manner. Either get my rack pull and conventional deadlift up, or spent time working my sumo pull and get that sorted. I don’t care how I do it, once I do it.

Oh and some purely “I wanna do em just because I wanna do em” goals;
-sub 3 minute Fran
-140kg clean/power clean, whichever

Want a 450 lb ATG squat 585 DL.

I’d like to go 450+/275+/475+ lifting raw at 165 lbs. I also want to win the 165 lb state title and help my school win the team title. That will get me to mid-March of 2010. Once that’s done, I’ll compete at the Cornhusker State Games and hopefully win my class in that as well. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll go 181 or 165 for that meet.

I really want to get 435/315/500 in training. And when I go to CT states in June id like to go 405/275/475.

…and maybe lose some weight.

2150 total at nationals, 820lb pull at IPF Pro Deadlift at the Arnold, 500lb raw bench by december, and stay as healthy as possible (i dont want to break my back again)

I want 550/330/500 in competition in March competing in just double ply Breifs and Knee/wrist wraps.

And start a massive clean eating cycle, anyone know of a good nutrition program for that?

In 2010, I want to squat 900, bench 700, and pull 770 at 275 or 308.

I want to actually go to APF Seniors next year- instead of getting hurt in training and missing it like I did this year.

I plan on getting back to the training style that worked for me instead of trying to fit in shit that worked for someone else (box squats, circa max plans, or any kind of progresion plan for that matter all kind of fits into that group)

I want to get up to 280 and then drop to 260ish. I also want to rock a 500 squat but I haven’t quite lined up all the training for that yet. I’m in the process of figuring all of that out

-Turn 19
-Compete in a meet
-Get my training raw total above 1500 (this is really my goal to get before 21, but this is going to continue to be my main overall goal for training until I reach it)

squat 200kg
dl 250kg
bench 140kg

they are big but ill get them!!

deadlift 500 again after injury
bench 350, 315 paused first
drop down to 240 or 235 again
squat 315 atg
front squat 275 atg
power clean 275
push press 225
throw 45+ in shotput
throw 130 in discus

triple 505 squat, 585 dead, 315 bench, 205 press in training.

also, stay healthy and don’t break anything!

Squat 500, pull 550, bench 350.

And I’d like to hit 240lbs without being overly puffy.

Get to a 300lbs bench 405lbs squat, and 500lbs deadlift. Then get down to a 4.7sec 40 yard dash and 36’’ vert and 43’’ running vert(the amount I estimate to be able to dunk.)

1600 pound total at Battle of the Border in Charlotte, NC.

625/400/575 are the goals, lifting raw (well, belt and wraps raw) as either a big 198 or small 220.

i want to do my first meet in 2010. besides that:

squat 190/ bench 135/ pull 220 kg all raw @82,5

  • a solid backflip

At my first geared IPA meet in April:
I want to total over 1800 before i turn 25 @ 181/198.

Raw for this year, I want to hit a near 500 squat in wraps and a belt. My PR is 445. I want a 300 raw bench. and a 500 raw DL.
I want to stay healthy and heal my back enough to pull conventional again.
I’m also going to stick to my plan and not be an idiot during training anymore.

I want to get somewhere remotely resembling strong.

I plan on competing in my first meet in February, and hope to total 520kg in the 110kg class (modest, I know). From there, I may jump into the world of geared lifting, but we shall see…

I would like to do at least 300kg squat and deadlift in IPF competition, a buddy of mine thinks I should go for the sub-junior world record of 332.5@100kg, which is my ultimate goal.

I will start doing squat and bench once geared and once raw per week, deadlifting once per week.

I would also like to do 170kg benchpress and put on 10kg bodyweight.