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What's your Pimp name?

Yep, I just wasted half an hour of my life looking up my name, and all of my friends. What’s your Pimp name?

Too much time on my hands,
Papa J. Slim

What are you talking about? IS there a website you want us to check out?

Sonny - check out this weeks Reader Mail for the link.

-Suede B. Rock

Very funny website. Just call me Master Fly L. Ice.

The ladies like it…

Reverend Matt Large/Papa M. Jazz

Papa J. Beautiful

Mr. White Chocolate Jim Large

Diamondtrim S. Wicked. Ahhhhh Yeah!

Now that I think about it, I wonder how the T-staff got ahold of that site…

Papa J. Slim 

Pimp Daddy J Valentine

Sweet chocolate snipp squeeze.

Pimptastic Human Flava

Tricktickler C. Flow

Snakeyes M. Slick

It gives a different response every time for the same name. Im torn between Pimp Daddy D Shizzle and Delicious D Sneed.

Macktastic B. Slither…

Delicious R Slim

Sheik nikki Quick

I have no idea what that means :slight_smile: