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Not that I would do this, but since 4-AD is recommended to be taken in a 2 week on / 2 week off mode, would it be feasible to take 4-AD every other day ad infinitum…well, maybe not ad infinitum, but for more like a year? Would it work in this fashion? Thoughts?

Since Bill has said that the half life of 4-AD-EC is a little more than 24 hours, every 3rd day would be safer. And if I was going to do that, I would continue to cycle Tribex 5 on/ 2 off each week and take M continously. Or if you wanted to take it every other day, I’d go 1/2 dose.

Any other opinions on this?

waste of money. you need atleast a certain level for it to be beneficial. blood levels. just save up and use the androgens when you are serious about training or a given goal and hit it hard for 2 weeks. ie. bulk or lose fat fast. laters pk

Actually, Bill Robert’s himself has written that a continuous small dosage of something like 20 sprays of androsol/day (approximate equivalent 4-AD-EC dosage would be 1.25 ml or 1.5 ml/day) isn’t harmful and could be done. I’ve been doing this protocol ever since 4-AD-CD came out and though it won’t produce any earth shattering gains, I do feel that it has helped me recuperate alot better than if I did not do this.

Read “The Never Ending Cycle” by Cy Wilson in T-Mag Issue 206. He believes you can use it for probably 16 weeks before taking a break. The information sheet that comes with 4-AD-EC says eight weeks.

any effective cycle should consist of constant blood levels. As far as half life goes for 4-AD-EC it should not be day on day off. you could go with half a dose every day. laters pk

if everything goes according to plan with my work situation, in 6 months time I’m going on 4AD-EC and myostat for the year. They say that myostat will give the best effect if used with androgens and screw that 2 weeks at a time shit