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What's Your Opinion on Rucking?

What do you think about changing once or twice per week the regular hour walk with a ruck walk for 20-30 min using something like a 20 lbs bagpack?

I like walking with a weight vest or backpack. But I don’t believe that it warrants reducing the duration by 40 minutes. At the most it allows you to reduce the duration by around 15 minutes.

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The only ruck that matters


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The original article by Eirik Sandvik recommended that. Anyways thanks for the answer, I’ll definitely try that next time!

That’s what I was thinking when I first read the title, especially with the few Rugby posts we had in the last week

If you walk at the same speed with and without the backpack you will use around 120 calories less walking with the 20lbs backpack for 30 min versus without it for 60.

If you use a faster walking pace you can likely burn around the same amount in 40 min with the backpack.

If you walk 1.75 mph faster with the 20lbs backpack the caloric expenditure will be the same as walking without it 1.75 mph slower

We was likely talking more about health and cardiovascular effect than caloric expenditure.

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Yes thanks for the input. I’m doing it more for cardio anyway so I’ll stick to your version :slight_smile:

I prefer it to mauling :rugby_football:

As a flanker I always loved scrums the most. Gave me the best chance to fuck someone’s day up

I remember getting punched in a scrum then having a beer with the guy who punched me after the game.

I also remember one of our props taking a post-game shower with a naked lower body but his nylon jacket.