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What's Your Opinion on Clenbuteral?

Does anyone have an opinion on this stuff? I have heard and read mixed reviews about it. SOme say it works great and others say too many side effects. Is it something worth trying or should I just stay with my decca 300, EQ and d-ball?

From what I remember:

Yes, you can get shredded on it.


The rebound is horrible.

I have run several clen/t3 cycles. It works, but you need to supplement with Taurine or you’ll have some of the worst cramps…by the way no Test in your cycle??

man, using deca and eq in the same cycle? You might want to check that, perhaps you know something I don’t… (EQ can be substituted for decca)

it’s good, I pop clen every morning with my coffee…

it’s good if you take it right and arn’t overly sensitive to stimulants. do a search for “clen protocol” good info in that thread.

I used clen and supplemented with taurine and potassium and still had the most insane cramps ever. I couldn’t go over 80 mcg without waking up in the middle of the night screaming like a little girl.

I certainly agree with taking the Taurine while using Clen. However, I don’t think it is cut out at all for power and speed athletes IMO. The cramping from sprinting actions seems to be worse than the cramping just from normal bodybuilder type training.

Just from experience from those I have worked with and trained :slight_smile:

I knew a male model a while back when college-aged and he said like all male models even the ones that basically dont workout hardly at all take it. He seemed to always be having stomach problems from it and had no clue how to workout right but that was ok I guess b/c he was going for the boyish skinny look apparently. Not that this was really particularly helpful just thought Id share potentially amusing anecdote that much like clueless meatheads pop dbol or something, clueless models pop clenbuterol just cuz the other models seem to be doin it.

On more serious note though, Clen does seem to be case of unusual non agreement about its effects. Many sources describe it as great b/c promotes fat burning yet protects you from catabolism whereas as other source will describe it as great cutting drug but that it actually increases catabolism.

Can anyone definitively say whether or not it has any use for muscle mass, at least the preservation of it while dieting? Or is it just great fat burner but unfortunately also slight muscle burner?

Do the cramps go away as the cycle goes on or only after your off?

Why is the rebound so terrible? What happened?

I’ve used both the tabs and the liquid Clen and had no trouble. It never had a huge effect on weight loss for me, but did help some when I was dropping weight for a meet. I never had any of the cramps or other bad sides people talk about. The worst thing it did to me was make me jittery as hell when my dose got to about 100mcg.

[quote]sdf1972 wrote:
Do the cramps go away as the cycle goes on or only after your off?[/quote]

The severity of the cramps were directly proportional to the amount of clen I was taking. The cramps did not go away during the cycle and didn’t cease until I stopped the clen. And I found it didn’t do much for me as well, I’d rather use ephedrine.