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What's Your Most Recent Record?


I broke my deadlift record yesterday, at a bodyweight 33 lbs. lighter than my previous record. Everyone's super stoked on me, even if they don't know it. Anyway I have no friends that lift so I have no one to talk about this shit with, so what's the last PR you set for yourself?


418 for 8 on deads last week. Then 297 for 7 ATG squats.


185 squat for 4 sets of 8
210 deadlift for 4 sets of 8, easy i might add
Not bad for 160lb bodyweight I like to think but needs work still.


NICE. Got 400*10 about a month ago. I need to get my squat up though. Workin on it.


nice, how long you been lifting?


PlainPat, are those weights in kilograms or in pounds?


Pounds, and near 2 years, im a wrestler for a varsity team so i cant put on all the weight I want to, just making it by through putting on meager amounts every offseason until college when i can concentrate more on lifting.


Ok... but even for your weight, that's kinda little.
Also, edit your age...or are you actually 31?

Anyway, not to derail the thread:

45 kg x 8 unsupported DB Row (most recent)

148 kg DL (a few weeks ago)
@70 kg


275lb bent-over rows for a clean set of 10


No no im actually 16 haha its just forcive habit to put 1980 for birthdates.


No, Im actually 16, forgot to edit that will do.


I dropped 34 pounds in 9 weeks. I haven't sniffed 220 since 1985 and I am about 2 pounds from that....lol


Good job! What's your end-goal?


10% BF what ever that ends to be. I decided to to take a break from power lifting for a little while and get lean and then go back in a lighter weight class. Started at 22.6% and competed in the 275's. I have no idea where I will end up weight wise but I feel a hell of allot better. I am somewhere around 17% - 18% BF now at 224.


Hit 605 x 3 on mid-shin rack pulls, an all-time PR, at 202.5 lb.


100kgs/220lbs snatch
5 reps 115kgs front squat

I will soon compete and very likely do over bodyweight snatch(bw right now around 101-102kgs, could probably drop to 100 till the comp)


just did a 397lb pull for the first time since my knee surgery about a year ago.


Just hit a rep PR for seated DB shoulder press, 70's x 13 was even ready to fight for a couple more but I didn't want to aggravate the shoulder problem I've been having recently.


635 rev band DL (avg bands) - 50 lb PR, weighing in at 188.


Close gripped benched 335x8 Im pretty happy with that lol