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Whats your morning ritual?

Well, I changed my morning routine which was alot of water and a big C+P meal. then espn sportcenter or some other TV while I drift into insulin heaven.

Now its hot-roxx, alot of water and waiting an hour for my meal, which is P+F. talk about changes!
I’m looking for a new ritual and was wondering what’s everybody’s morning ritual.
I am doing some mobility drills if I don’t slouch.

I usualy slouch. (get lazy)


Not saying that is is something you should doby any means, but here is what I do…

Wake up, shower, stretch nice and easy for about 10 minutes wile watching ESPN (go Devils), take multi-vitamin and fat burner I had left over now that hott roxx is all gone.

Handle the nicotine fix (dip o’ Kodiak)
I know, I know, it’s terrible… the only one I have until I’m ready for bed.

Tie out the dog, go to work, then have my first p+f meal during my morning meeting (about 1 1/2 hours after waking up. Then about 3 hours later I have 3/4 cups of plain oatmeal and coffee, lots of coffee

That’s how my mornings have been since I returned to work from a two week convalescence

Mine is very similar to yours. Get up, hot roxx, a cup of tea and wait for an hour or so for a p+f meal. Sometimes I’ll even take the dogs for a 30min run before I eat.

Bumping for anyone…