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What's Your Max Combine Lift?


i was watching the nfl combine when it made me think about benching 225. Im a senior in college and i did it yesterday 21 times and was wondering how many reps you guys can do it. I know there are some monsters that lurk on this site so post your 225 max reps!!!






One million.


countless times. i just keep goin till i get bored and decide to go curl the fuckin hundred pounders


god can we just plz get nakes now?


^^^^ what he said...


over 9000


Can't wait to trade pica for vid!


holy fuck ^^^^ is the only words i have...



You would have had better luck putting it here instead of its own thread.


I can bench 225 in 4.4 flat


While performing a 11ft standing broad jump


Like 7 times. I lose.


I dont bench anything less than over 9000, faggots


18 was my best at 270.


At my strongest I hit it for 12 or 13 at 187lbs. I can only do it 6 or 7 times now at 172lbs.


best 19 close grip after dynamic effort bench work. never did it fresh and never did it with regular grip. I'm guess mid 20's if I did.


I bench 225, squat 375 dead lift 455 (pause for dramatic effect) all at the same time!


tried this out the other day and only got 17. I've got a cold and havent trained high rep in months.

All excuses aside... i'm sure fresh and healthy i could get in the 20's at about 210 bodyweight.