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What's your max bench?

You probably ALL bench more than me (including the women). Oh well, here’s mine:

Barbell: 165lb
Dumbell: 2x60lb

While interesting, “internet maxes” can be misleading. For example, some bounce the bar, let their partner do 30% of the lift, lift their butt off then bench etc and then get on the forum and say “I bench 350 at 17 years old.” But if he did it right, he’d bench 230. I’ve also seen some people list their Smith machine bench numbers. Anyway, just take the answers to this thread with a grain of salt, except the ones from those vets you trust. Oh and if you use a bench shirt, mention that in your post.

I did 5x5 with 225 yesturday

bodyweight - 230, Bench 405; with pause, using belt and wrist wraps only. Got 455 touch and go once a while back, too, but it was ugly, but lifted and everything! In faith - Matt

My weight is 190 lbs. Free weight, no belt, no straps, Barbell:8x225lb Dumbell:8x70lb. Remind you that I do my flat bench first in my chest workout. Come on doesn’t everybody? That poses a good question. Does anyone have an idea of what the ratio of flat bench barbell to dumbell weight should be? Just a thought.

Female, bodyweight 175, Raw other than taped wrists, 265 lbs, butt stays on bench, due to max out in a couple of weeks.

oh yeah, drug free too!

In the spring I hit 460 at a bodyweight of 235, natural. Then my elbows started slowly going to shit (too much band work I think), now I’d be lucky to get 315 without my elbows snapping in half. I really don’t even bench anymore because my elbows can’t handle it. Everyone, learn from me…take care of your joints.

I don’t do flat benching anymore–don’t get the pec stimulation I need from flat bench. I do incline benching–the stroke is much longer so it’s a bitch to do.

My last incline BB bench went like this: 185 lbs @ 1x10; 205lbs @ 1x6; 225lbs @ 1x3. My last DB incline bench was as follows: 65lbs @ 1x10; 75lbs @ 1x6; 85lbs @ 1x6. Body weight = 175lbs.

I hate you all.

DB: 90x5
BB: ?

I forgot to mention: no straps, no belt, no gloves & no chalk. Bar touches chest and weight goes all the way up. Ass stays down. Grip is medium wide. I do get help getting my last BB set off of the pegs but that’s all.

Barbell: 275-285lb

Dumbbell: 105x5

Bodyweight: 170-175lb

Okay, I’ll play. I regularly warm up w/135 and go from there. 165 is a max and last night performed two reps w/70lbs in the DB incline press. First rep, solid - second, there was some assistance. Oh, and I weigh 121 at 5’4".

Oh, and Big Mamma: great job, girl!

I rarely do flat bench presses…i dont even try to max out…I usually try to vary the tempo and reps to keep the pecs guessing…However, as for max, I would say 270 or so then again i really dont know so am not going to blow out my shoulder to try…that probably isnt much and I’ve seen the skinny and fattie ones bench much more than I. But then again whose body looks better :slight_smile:

275 a few months ago. Hopefully I’ll break 300 sometime this winter. Dumbell: 105s

Bodyweight 192,barbell bench press 230lb.

I am kind of abnormal in that I can db bench about the same weight as I can barbell bench. Case in point; Incline db 3 sets of 90lb x 5
Incline bench 3 sets of 185x 5. I know there are others on this board who have the same genetic predispostion as well.

I am 6"3" My weight is 225. I can bench 355 twice with a pause at the bottom, I can bench 225 25 times with a pause at the bottom. Maybe my max will go up someday. I always lock out at the top.

I just reached a personal best of lifting the bar of my chest. Actually I had been stuck under the bar for about three months and was unable to train. Luckily someone with a T-mag shirt on walked by and noticed I was being crushed by the 45 pound iron bar, and fed me a scoop of powerdrive. This gave me boost I needed to get the bar off my chest, and escape to freedom. I have vowed never to bench again,lest I get trapped again. I will now only curl in the squat rack and do single are tricep kickbacks with a nice new set of chrome dumbells I got myself as a reward for my PB on bench.
:slight_smile: Groove