What's Your Lifting History?

I figured it might be helpful if any one wanted to put down some of their lifting history in this forum. Whether your a beginner or a veteran, it might be beneficial to others. That way, people could talk to others who might be at the same level that they are at. If you feel like it go right on ahead. Ill start

Supplements used- Various brands of proteins, MRP’s, and HOT-ROX. Various brands of creatine also.

Best Lifts

Those lifts were acheived when i was weighing 215 pounds.

I got started when I was 19 at FSU. Before that I’d never touched a weight and it was pretty obvious. I weighed in at a feathery 122 when I graduated HS.

Some of my numbers now:

Age: 23
Ht: 5’-9"
Wt: 150
BF: About 8%

Supps Taken: Just Protein

Personal Bests:
Bench: 215
Squat: 255
Dead: 315 (I actually hurt myself on that one, so I don’t know if it counts)

Im not sure what my bodyfat % is. Ive always wanted to test it, just never have

I got started at hrm…1999 after my father had his second heart attack at age 52 and his subsiquent tripple bypass. I looked in the mirror and saw that I was turning into him, and I decided not to put my wife (I was engaged at the time) thru what my mom and I were going thru. I was 6’-0" and weighed around 150. I look back at pictures and i can’t see how my wife (then girlfriend) could get naked with me.

Age: 27
Height: 6’-0"
Weight: 180lbs
goals: not be a skinny B!tch, and raise my numbers.

Bench: 200
Squat: 350
Dead: 300
Clean and Jerk: 145
Snatch: 100


Good idea…especially being new TO the forum myself.

BF:34%(working on that,out 5months from car wreck…was 53%!!)

Best lifts(at 290lbs. 22%bf before car wreck)

Squat:565lbs.(last max was at 23yrs. old,maxing out started killing my knees)
Deadlift:475lbs.(didn’t start deads until 3yrs. ago)
Currently working on getting back to these numbers(Don’t know about the Squats though)

Yeah, im working on getting my numbers back too, and putting back on about 30 lbs

Started lifting at 16 for baseball. I played 2 yrs of ball in college, but I ended up falling more in love with the weights.

23 yrs old
Bench: 325
Squat: 450
Deadlift: 475
Bodyfat: usually between 9-12%

Spent a lot of time lifting ‘Brawn’ style; over the past year, I’ve modernized things, gotten stronger, and been healthier…Right now I use a modified Westside Template; I replace some speed work with rep method work, I do a lot of 3s and 5s for ME work…training is going very well. Good thread.

age 28
height 69 inches
weight 203lbs
training age: since highschool, started training consistantly after college and
gained 30 lbs of muscle while maintaining sprint speed and vertical jump. went from 175-205. did a little sprinting while i was in college.

best lifts, raw:
full olympic squat 385
deadlift 545
bench 375
clean and jerk 225 x 3
snatch 155 x 3
chinup bodyweight (203)+ 90 x 3
full dip bodyweight (203) + 115 x 6

supplement usage: everything ever made from biotest, creatine, herbs, vitamins/minerals and stuff legal to buy and use in other countries.

maximum body weight was 217lbs after a nice aas cycle. best shape of my life was after the Hot-Rox contest of 2003.

goal: to get to 215lbs and 6%bf and be able to squat and deadlift 3 times body weight, bench 2 times body weight, dunk a basketball. laters pk

I used to do some half-assed lifting in my twenties. You know… bench & biceps everyday with some cardio thrown in. When I decided to get back into it at 40 years old I did it the right way with ALOT of research at T-Mag, reading books and analyzing my personal strengths and weaknesses. I put as much emphasis on proper nutrition and rest as I do my training and it has paid off.

My Goals?:
Powerlifting Total over 1000.
Clean and Press body weight.
Visible Abs.
Marry Angelina Jolie… (Hey, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad!)

Current stats:
Age 42
Weight 210
Bodyfat about 12%
Bench 250
Squat 305
DeadLift 385
Clean & Press 165

I love designing new routines for myself every 4-6 weeks. The last period I was doing high volume work of 10x10 for 2 bodyparts 4 day/week. Now I’ve just begun a powerlifting phase:

Day1 - Deadlift(dynamic) / C&J(heavy)
Day2 - Squat(heavy) / Bench(dynamic)
Day3 - Core/Cardio
Day4 - Deadlift(heavy) / C&J(dynamic)
Day5 - Squat(dynamic) / Bench(heavy)
Weekends - OFF (at 42, I need rest)

The main lifts plus the support work keeps me in the gym for longer than I should probably be there but I monitor myself for signs of overtraining and take days off when I need them (which also serves to rotate the pattern) and a week off every three months.

Sites like this one and my constant progress have served to keep my enthusiasm up to par. Of course, the looks I get from the opposite sex don’t hurt either. Ahhh… It’s nice to “look good NEKID!”

Good Luck to All,
And remember… Friends don’t let friends curl dimes in the squat rack!


Hey Everyone

I’ve been training off and on for the past 6 years.

BF-Probably around 15%

Best Lifts Ever

I hope to get back to and exceed these numbers in the future. I’m also very interested in getting into strongman someday.

Hey guys, well I have been lifting off an on for a little over 3 years now, but almost like clockwork, every 3 months, I get an injury outside of the gym that takes me out of the gym for months at a time… or I just move to a place with no weights within a hundred mile radius.

Right now I just started my new injury of a torn left shoulder and Pec.

So in a few months I should be good to go… then we will see what the injury fairy brings me next.


My goals are to get back up to around 200 lbs but to not be soft like i was at 215. I want to supass all of my old lifts at that lower bodyweight. If anyone knows anyone else in here, tell them to come in and give some info.

Supplements used-
Fish Oils, Protein Powder, Multi vitamin, Multi Mineral, Hot-Rox, Tribex, M, Methoxy 7, Creatine, Apple Pectin, Enzymes, Antioxidants, Various Herbs (adaptogens)Gear

Best Lifts

21 years as a professional trainer/nutritionist/coach




Supplements used-Whey protein, multivitamin

Best Lifts
@ 148
Squat - 446
Bench - 297
Deadlift - 501

Squat - 485
Bench - 330
Deadlift - 512

I started in fall '96 when I joined the Texas A&M Powerlifting Team. I have been hooked since then.


Excellent Thread.

Played tennis in High School and College and was all skin and bones around 150lbs. Never knew the glories of weightlifting. It’s an absolute must for any athlete!

4 Years ago I lifted for 1 1/2 yrs going from 155lbs (guessing 8-9%bf) to 185lbs at 10%bf. Then my friend got me into whitewater kayaking (bastard) I took the next 2 yrs off of weight training.

I started back 7 months ago and was 183lbs at 13% bf. Currently, I am at 192lbs at 10%bf and going strong. Goal would be to be 200lbs at 6% bf or look like that picture next to my thread.

Height: 5’11"
Weight: 192lbs
Max Lifts:
Bench 315lbs
Deadlift 315x7
Squat 315x6

Supplements taken:
Grow, Creatine, Salmon Oil, Flax Oil, Multivitamin, Surge, Tribex, Hot-Rox.

Thank you T-mag for giving us such GREAT, truthful bodybuilding info and supplements!


Height-6-1 1/2

Years Training-since 1997. Prior to that, my exercise was playing various sports.

Supplements used-whey protein (mix with carbs post-workout), multivitamin, protein bars for snacks.

Best lifts
Bench press-240x3

Am currently using Joe DeFranco’s WSSB program and experiencing good results. I am training for strength now, after training for size the past few years.


I’ve been lifting on and off since my Freshman year of High School. Graduated at around 190 lbs. and under 9%, but college got to me and throughout I’d basically lift only occasionally, and my diet consisted of 1 meal a day, usually fast food, and all the cokes and coffee I could afford, but I was reading T-Mag the whole time and once my life was stable I took the knowledge I’d gained and used it consistently, and since then have gotten around being a hard gainer and managed to add some decent mass. Current stats:

Age: 24
Ht: 5’11"
Wt: 203
BF% (estimate): 12%

Even though I’m far from considering myself a “veteran” I’ve begun helping train about a half dozen friends and co-workers and introducing them to T-Mag, several of which have made some incredible gains but are quickly nearing the point where I can’t offer them as much as T-Mag and these forums can.

I’ve been lifting just over 1.5 years now. Got into it seriously after I broke my arm the second time. That second break ended my college wrestling carreer before it even got started. I’m as strong as ive ever been right now (which is something I struggle with psychologically…).

Supplements used- Met-Rx Long Range Whey

Best Lifts