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What's Your Kryptonite?

I eat my chicken breasts, oatmeal, and whole wheat bread.

I drink my gallon of water ED, protein shakes, and onlyonlyonly diet soda. (Diet SunKist tastes exactly like regular, if you like orange soda.)

But, as a Jew from Jersey, there is no way in hell I can resist Chinese food.

What is it for you? What is your dietary kryptonite??


Fried dough (best with some maple icing or glaze…or cinnamon and sugar… or honey and butter)

Baked dough (crusty outside-chewy inside French, rich marble rye, nutty multi-grain, supersoft and fluffy white, fruit added and baked in small piles)

Boiled dough (homemade egg noodles, udon, every imaginable size and shape of seminola product)

You name a dough and cooking method and I get weak in the knees…

carbonara. my carbonara’s so good if i make it once i’ll make it every night for a week.

[quote]swivel wrote:
carbonara. my carbonara’s so good if i make it once i’ll make it every night for a week. [/quote]

Hmmm…I would say…Ice Cream…I’m an ice cream fiend…particularly Cold Stone Creamery…put me within 2 blocks of a CSC and I’m sure to have an impromptu cheat meal.

Papa John’s pizza…mmmm

A big ass slab of dry-rub ribs, deep fried cornbread from Johnny Rivers, cookie dough ice cream, and Krispy Kreme!!!

Banana Pudding w/ real bananas an vanilla wafers.

Pizza or fried chicken. I can’t resist either if I am around them. Oh yeah, the biggest one, BEER. Can’t seem to have just one.

[quote]Z2nd_Comng wrote:
Papa John’s pizza…mmmm[/quote]

I’ll second that…

homemade chocolate chip cookies

Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream before going to bed and a dutch favorite sometimes as a snack:
Whole milk with a large piece of real dutch cheese and ruffles potato chips (salt and fat…what can I say)

And I wonder why I am not 5% bodyfat…yet


Ice Cream…

[quote]Z2nd_Comng wrote:
Papa John’s pizza…mmmm[/quote]

Right there with ya, buddy.

Ben & Jerry’s.

They have broken me…

Fatty burgers, anything with melted cheese on it. Basically all pub food.

The hardest ones…

Fat-free popcorn, Raisin Bran/Kashi Go-Lean Crunch w/ skim milk, Whole Wheat bagel with real blackberry jam

Those are my top-tier kryptonite. Ones that I find myself craving atleast one every two days. Thank god for PWO.

2nd tier… “Americanized” Asian food (read fried and sugared) and pizza. Honestly, while I love these, I know in many ways the bad outways the good, so it’s easy to take em or leave em. The top-tier ones have certain redeemable qualities that in my mind make them 50% cheat foods when eaten outside of the PWO window, and do to their somewhat innonuous nature, easier to indulge in.

Other than that I could be a model Berardi/Lowery/Clean Eating spokesperson.

Pizza, Beer, Cheeseburgers, Beer, “Fried potatoes”, Beer, Ice Cream, Beer, Cookies, Cake, Snack cakes, Beer, Potato Chips, Beer, Candy Bars (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in all their forms), did I mention beer?

Donuts and burgers yummmm…


PB n’ J sandwich (made with natural peanut butter, 100% fruit spread, and whole wheat bread) and a glass of 2% milk.

I can’t get enough of this stuff.

Although I actually thought this was a good meal until I read Berardi’s tip: “avoid meals high in fats + carbs”