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What's Your Ideal Physique?

What, ideally, do you want to look like?

Do you want to look like:

a) a slim guy, cut but with little mass, like say a swimmer or basketball guard

b) lean with good amount of muscle, I guess an underwear model or basketball forward look

c) typical bodybuilder look : as big as possible with as much muscle as possible while still staying lean and symmetrical. The size of your muscles is more important than being strong

d) as big as possible while still lean and to hell with symmetry. An animal basically. Goldberg for example.

e) as big, strong and muscular as possible and to hell with being lean. Powerlifters, Olympic lifters, etc.

Personally, I’m shooting for D and some of C. I want to look good and be strong, and who cares if bodypart x overshadows bodypart y.

D- all the way…



I would have to go with C.

Between c and d. Is that c- or d+?

[quote]bikemike wrote:
Between c and d. Is that c- or d+?


C.5, or C-and-a-half if you have trouble with decimals

Which category would you put Frank Zane in? I’d be reluctant to put him the same boat as the typical bodybuilder. And I’d be reluctant to put any of the bodybuilders from that era in the same category as modern bodybuilders.

B - But i’m really about performance. Looking good along the way is just a nice side effect.

I’m definitely an “E”. Although, I try to stay around 15%16% bodyfat.

I’m definitely not at 16% right now,

Dolph Lundgren…he is my height and if I could have his size I would be satisfied.

I think Frank Zane is a natural C. He has plenty of mass (way more than an underwear model), and natural symmetry out the ass.


Think Running Back.

I don’t strive to fit into any of those rigid categories. An ideal body type, assuming I was going to have the pleasure of working for it would be more along the lines of either a sprinter or a male gymnast. Big and muscular, lean, and able to perform. All show and no go is useless is my eyes. But ya gotta have the mass, and abs are always nice for the ladies.

I’d say 60% C, 20% D, 20% E.

My overall concern is with muscle size and getting fairly ripped. I’m not overly concerned with symmetry, but at the same time, I want to look good not ridiculous, so I pay attention to it to some degree. And, I care about being strong, but that goal is secondary to muscle size. Thankfully, for the most part, the two come together.

F. a freak of nature. nobody likes you, nobody talks to you, nobody will even go near you cuz youre just so muscular. youre an outcast from socitety. the govt wants to deport you to transylvania cuz you are so damn buff. nothing matters, except being ripped, ripped like the hulk. the point of no return, you cant even walk cuz ur so muscle bound. the point of obsession. thats how buff i want to be.

C- “Bench press for what? All I need is to lift 4 lbs.”

i must second option F.

G- thats what I look like now only a little bigger.At 5’9" and 160 with a L.B.M. of 6-7%.I’d like to get to 170 at 6-7% L.B.M.
so that if I wear a shirt thats a little big you cant tell that I can 1 rep over 300. Then when I hit someone in the jaw or temple,the bone in their skull just disintegrates!Right now it only shatters.

Goldberg is lean?!? :slight_smile:

Somewhere between b and c