Whats your guess?

Ok heres the deal, every year after wrestling season I gain 10 pounds within a month and another 25 pounds till the next season. (a total of 35 pounds a year). My freshman year I weighed 145. My sophomore year I weighed 180. And this year, my junior year, I weigh 215. Every year I get smarter and smarter about what I take and what I eat and how I train. This year I figure will be my best year yet to gain weight considering Ive been reading this site since this summer. Wrestling season is done after saturday and I have stocked up 3 boxes of Grow!, 3 bottles of methoxy-7, 3 bottles of tribex-500, 3 bottles of zma, 3 jugs of advanced protein, a bottle of syntrabol, tons of creatine, flax oil, dextrose. I know exactly when to take all of this stuff so dont worry about that and I have the perfect diet for me (4130 calories a day, 300 grams of protein, 95 grams of fat, and 520 grams of carbs). I have tons of tuna. My question is to you guys is how much do you thin I will gain in 1 month, even if some is water. I consider myself a genetic freak for just turning 17. My tribex and methoxy and syntrabol will be used up in one month so I hope I get up to at least 227 in one month using all of my stuff. Do you think I will?

Add Androsol throughout the whole month and it’s possible.

i have been recommended not to take that… I bought a cooler and stuff just so I can eat diring school… its kinda funny… but im very serious about this

Ignore that recommendation! Stacking Androsol with the other supplements you bought will result in fantastic gains if you follow the diet you outlined.

im 17 remember… i didnt think it was good for me to do that at my age?

the reason, that androsol was recommended to you, to not be taken is cause you’re a teen. It’s your call, whether you want to use prohormones or not

Your stack that you have sounds great for a 17 year old. Lay off the pro-hormones until your around 20. As a growing teen (and you obviously are still growing by your post) your testosterone and hormones are already elevated and the suplements such as zma and trib. that are in your stack will give them an extra boost as is. `

The Androsol will not result in suppression of your own testosterone levels (which are not superelevated; in fact at your age they’re probably below normal), nor will it affect your growth. You don’t have to use it, of course, but your gains will be noticeably better (by 5-10 lbs) if you do.

I would not do the androsol at his age, Its pretty much unanimous that no one sees t suppresion on androsol, but at 17 he still going through some crazy hormonal spurts and who knows how androstendiol will effect him. If I were you I’d even be wary of the tribex. I know its the most expensive but stick with the meth 7, and eat besides whats you hurry you got till next winter to put on the weight.

I am a wrestling coach and a former wrestler so I have some insight into your situation. I too gained more weight after wrestling season than at any other time of the year. I think it mainly has to do with the conditioning you do in season and the fact that you are trying to stay at a certain weight. your body is constantly in a somewhat overtrained state in season so when you start lifting heavy and trying to gain muscle your body is expecting you to shift back into that style of depletion training again. It will store more nutrients in the form of muscle mass ( and some fat) so when you start wrestling again it will be ready. If you occaisionally go on a low calorie diet and a fat burning style of training for about 2-3 weeks at a time you will gain more mass when you get back on a mass cycle.
Good luck with the rest of your season and future wrestling.

I love it when people give advice like: “17 is too young to do this…” or “17 is great time to do this…” Granted there is an age when certain substance should not be taken, BUT that could be at age 14 for one guy and age 21 for the next. There is no generic rule you can apply to everyone. Besides most 17 year olds are drinking their hearts out and smoking the doobie, which both suppress T levels.

I had a friend who was in the same situation a couple of years ago, except he didn’t have access to all those nice supplements. He took in about 4800-5200 calories a day. Taking into account the fact that you have some good supplements, i still don’t see why another 40 or 50 grams of protein could hurt. That would boost you up to almost 4500. Plus if you base the amount of protein intake at your “desired” weight" (230), with 1.5g/lb…thats 345g/protein a day. I remember he put down about 450-500 grams a day.