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Whats your grocery bill?

Getting 3000 calories in to bulk up is a bit expensive. All that tuna, chicken, nuts, flax, bread, milk, and whey. My monthly grocery bill is about 160 bucks. This is kinda freaking me out because I am going on the POW diet(I am a skinny bastard), and I realize that I will still have to be eating about 2500 for maintenance after I gain all the weight. If the calories/money ratio works out, that will only be taking 1/6 of the cost away. My question is: How many calories do you guys take in and what are your grocery bills? Also, some advice to keep the bills low would be appreciated.

shop in bulk. what i do is every couple of weeks i will go to a large warehouse like sams club or something, and just buy a shitload of food. i will pack my freezer with meat, get like 4 dozen eggs, 20 cans of tuna, like 3 big bags of broccoli, a huge thing of oatmeal, and whatever other carbs i need. usually it will run about 200 bucks, but it will last for a long time. then all i have to do is run to the local grocery store when i need something quick (cottage cheese, salsa, etc) maybe once a week spending like 20 bucks tops.

I bulk with JB’s massive eating plan. I take in 4000 calories and average about $50/week. To keep the bills low, I get most of my carbs from oats and those bags of my apples that are real cheap. Protein comes from a variety of sources, but all cheap: milk, whole eggs, egg whites (only 85 cents for 30 grams of protein), tuna, ground beef (the fatty kind, just rinse a lot of the excess fat off), cottage cheese and cheap whey. I can’t afford AP :frowning: In addition to the ground beef and whole eggs, I take in fats from flax oil and natural peanut butter. I wish I could supplement with fish oils, but my budget just doesn’t allow for it right now. Stick to plain, whole foods and teach yourself to not care about taste. This will keep your grocery bills down and get you hyoooge at the same time!

Are you kidding me? Yours is cheap. My monthly grocery bill is $600, which includes protein supplements. I eat usually between 4,000 and 5,500 calories daily. One reasons mine is so high is because I eat out a lot due to time constraints. Eating out means $5-8 per meal as opposed to eating in at $4-6 per meal.

Well 160 a month isn’t bad. In fact, there is more money for food allowance when the government calculates the poverty level. So you may earn less than 8000 a year and be below the poverty level. I doubt that is the case though. Anyway, it sounds like you are eating about the cheapest things you can eat already. I’m sure there are other things you can cut down more of to save money than to worry about the negligible amount you would save by eating less calories.

dood… my weekly bill is like 120… wtf is going on here? and that’s just for solid food not counting powder

Read some of bill starr’s articles. He gives advice to poor football players on how to gain weight.

Well, my brother works at the GNC so I get 2 5lb jugs of protein for just under 40 bucks. That saves a lot of money. Also, 160 is basically just my bodybuilding food. I still have to buy other things like orange juice so people don’t come over and think i am a freak when they look in my fridge.

Ko can probably give you a better idea of our food bill than I can. But I do know this: we BOTH eat ALOT of food. AND we buy in bulk, and shop like maybe twice a month and Ko just goes on one beeg grocery shopping excursion.

i dont know where u live, but $160/month sounds really cheap. since she does all of the grocery shopping, i asked my wife how much our bills usually come out to. between the two of us we spend $500-$800/month. so i roughly eat about $250-$400 of food (excludes protein drinks, supplements, eating out).

Hey, that’s only around $5.34 a day, which isn’t bad for food. Most prebought meals will cost you at least half that. Oatmeal is a cheap way to get carbs. Also, wait until chicken goes on sale to buy the breasts (they end up going on sale for only %25 of their original price). Finally, buy cheap, nasty tasting tuna. That stuff is like $0.25 a can, and each can has 32 grams of protein (I think). It don’t get cheaper (or nastier) than that.

Yeah, mine is like Freebie’s, don’t know the exact nunber in dollars but in euros it’s something like 400 a month.

I’m eating 4000 calories a day, by the way. Your’s is cheap.

Hate to sound like a broken record, but the other option you have is to make more money. This issue has come up quite often in the past and there are some good threads on it. Seek and ye shall find…

Yours is very cheap. When doing my groceries I only buy non-processed foods (in bulk) and I come out to about 300$ a month. And this figure is excluding supplements (whey, multi, C, etc…) I consider myself a tight ass and I cant get away with lower then that.

Our is about 300 a month, which is pretty low, but that is because I eat at work, which kills off two meals a day.

Everyone is going to hate me. I went shopping the other day,and spent $30.90. I figured it would last about two weeks. I am doing good so far.I have till friday and then I will go again. I take in about 3800-5000 calories a day. I work in retail so it is hard to go slam a shake, that is were the fluctuation is. I did spend $16 dollars on protien. And I am about 4 servings away from finishing that. All I buy is tuna, chicken, rice, noodles, yogurt, milk,mozarella sticks(string cheese), bread, eggs, tortillas. I was a skinny bastard, and eating like this I have averaged 3 lbs. a week. This past week I gained 5. But I also started mag-10 last monday. I keep my grocery shopping simple. Milk is what costs me the most. I drink it a lot.

What the hell are you eating? I easily go through that (and that’s just on food). Meat is damn expensive and supps aren’t much better.

One-sixty a month is damn cheap. I spend that much in a week, sometimes.

Like others have said, the most economical solution is to buy in bulk from Sam’s Club, Costco, or equivalent. You can’t beat the prices there.

Live at home, with your mommy! That’s the best advice I can give you. It’s what I do, and it seems to be working well. :wink: