What's Your Go-To Training When Life Kicks You In The Balls?

Hey Coach,

I’m under an abserd amount of physical and emotional stress. Life is like a whirlwind right now.

What is your go-to training look like when there’s no schedule, no plan, you just squeeze training sessions when you can.

I’m a 2A

Thanks a lot Coach

When I’m under tons of stress I instinctively revert back to a 2B, so I always do more “pump”/bodybuilding stuff. I follow a specific structure (like pushing muscles on Monday, pulling on tuesday, etc.) but during the session I do what I feel like doing and keep the sessons short

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Thanks. Today I just went all over the place, I needed the stress release I think.
Bench 3RM ramp
Sumo DL 3x3 RPE 9
Pulldowns 3 x 8 RPE 10
Spider Curls + Tricep Pushdowns

Sometimes I will ramp to a max set of 3-5 but instead of using a big high stakes neurally demanding free weight exercise, I will rep ramp on a couple of nice, safe machines.


Yep I do that too

Do you do anything different/additional supplement-wise to keep cortisol in check during high-stress periods?