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What's Your 'Get S**t Done' Song?


Mine is "For Whom the Bell Tolls". Always playing to get me ready for my last set on 5/3/1 program.



Anything by this band.



hehehehehhe, HAHAHAHAHA HOHOHOHOHo whew!

Thanks for the laugh SteelyD!


Down with the sickness. Disturbed.


I'm kinda all over the place


Ready to Go - Republika
Blue Monday - Orgy

Who's That Chick - David Guetta & Rihanna



couple of favs, friends as well.


this one is an old favorite

As of late this comes in handy

and this







The only song there is. heavy riffage for heavy liftage:


Ya know...I love this song. It reminds me of the best time of my life. But I couldn't lift a fork to it.

Good stuff...


x2...and Indestructible, which Bulldog mentioned.


Forgot , from when I was alot younger

^^^ as a teenage boy I had major "wood" over Linda Fiorentine.


My theme song that never fails to light me up.


Wow! Is there anything not to like about you?

Drowning Pool - Bodies. I always wait for the second countdown to start my deadlift.