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What's your Free-Testosterone?

What’s your Free-T and how do you feel?

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Free T at 15 (6.8-21.5) and I feel amazing before I get anywhere close to this level. This is the levels I achieve on 7mg daily at 3 weeks in.

I’m guessing that my lab scale is a different kind of reading, because my last bloodwork showed this:

Free test calc-ARUP 331

For reference, the range scale went up to 289.

How do you feel?

With my fingers. I have receptors in the top two layers of skin, that allow me to feel.

Do you not have fingers?

But seriously, as long as I’m eating fairly healthy, and exercising, I feel great.

Yeah seems like most people feel best above the normal range for FT. A few weeks ago I found 15mg dailies only set me to 22.3 pg/mL in a range of 9.3-26.5.

On 2x/week I used to feel great sometimes and shit other times of the week, thought it was the estrogen so I went on dailies to naturally reduce it, but now I’m thinking my FT just isn’t high enough to feel good.

Spoke to a doc and he’s thinking I’m on a consistent trough while on dailies so I went ahead and raised my dosage to 22mg… 2 weeks in and still feeling very tired/depression, etc - no change. Not enough time to sync up though.

I know some people here like @dbossa are also huge advocates for boosting FT rather than focusing on E2, which has me curious on this topic.

200-220 pg/mL (35-155). Feeling pretty good.

Whats your total test?

You guys just need to try it for yourselves and then report back.

This may sound nuts to most of you, but I’ll never have my free T under 40 for as long as I’ll do TRT at this point. If I measure E2, it will be out of curiosity and probably even more to show you guys how high it is with zero issue.

Boost free T and keep levels stable. It’s really as simple as that.

Total test is irrelevant.

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Completely wrong. Your theories are fucking ridiculous and you cant back them up with any reasoning or science.

Lol! You’re a troll. This much is obvious.


880-920 ng/dL (250-1100)

Is there any point not shooting for 40 FT off the bat? I’m currently shooting for 30, coming from 22, but there’s a chance I’ll still need more to feel good.

If so then maybe it would have been best to try 28-30 mg of T on dailies… I’m already a couple weeks in so I might as well stay through with 22mg, but if this is no good then I’ll just go all in.

Really curious what my FT was when I felt great on 2x/week injections. On the trough my FT was around 19-22 every time.

You want to ideally take the minimum amount required to resolve symptoms.

Most docs are telling me that their patients doing the best are over 30. There are obviously exceptions. I’m definitely symptom free at 30. At 40 I feel fantastic.

Of course, there are some guys that will have issues at those levels and need to stay lower. Everyone has to find their best dose.

In case you guys missed this one

  1. Lab range tops out at 25

By the way, my partner, Steven, has his free T consistently at 60 using the scrotal cream. Does labs frequently. Zero issues.



Total t? E2?

He’s discussed it at length in our videos on youtube. Ask him yourself. We don’t measure E2 anymore so not sure if he knows.

Have you watched any of his videos? Look at his physique. Does he look like he’s worrying about his E2 to you??

Jesus christ. Aren’t there troll forums for guys like you?