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What's Your Floor Press vs Bench Press 1RM?

So just wondering whats ur 1rm for floor press and for regular bench press? Just curious cause im using floor press instead of regular bp in my program right now

About the same, maybe floor would be higher If I practised it more.

Why would you replace bench with floor press? Unless you’re doing westside and it’s for one max effort session, it sounds like a bad idea.

If you have long arms you might be able to floor press more than you can bench, if your arms are short then it will be less.

If your main focus is overhead strength, a floor press would be more optimal because you can save your shoulders?

How is that? I have a thick ribcage and short forearms, when I do floor press the bar is maybe an inch from my chest at the bottom. And I can’t arch like I would on a bench, nor do I try to. It’s approximately the same ROM, but rather than stopping on my chest the bar stops where my elbows touch the floor.

Here we go with the blanket statements and lack of reading comprehension again. OP didn’t ask wether or not anyone thought it might be a bad idea or a good idea, nor your reasoning as to why.

My floor press 1rm is usually right around 90% of my full ROM bench 1rm.

Because you don’t have to go past the floor. The shoulders don’t have to do as much work because it’s paused right at 90 degrees. I know you like to argue about benching, I was just stating the obvious. Regardless of arching, you should still be able to pin your shoulder blades back and shove your traps into the ground like a flat bench.

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my bench is about 20 % higher than my floor press.

I’ve never maxed out my floor press, but I’ve done a couple triples at ~80%.

My max floor is almost as good and could be maybe higher if I made it a main lift, but I have long arms so that explains I guess.

Here we go with retards starting arguments over nothing again. Did anyone ask for your opinion?

The OP didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion, so who’s the retard? Learn to read before you think and think before you post douchebag.


You are a fucking moron. What is the problem with advising someone against replacing bench with floor press? It’s basically the equivalent of replacing squat with leg press. Why do you care what I post on a thread that has absolutely nothing to do with you?

How? Especially if his bench isn’t his main focus?

Actually floor press places more emphasis in upper body strenght and explosive strenght from the bottom pause which has always been my problem

Because, you have no fucking clue why the OP chose to use floor press as a main movement. Maybe, he is working around an injury and needs to limit ROM. And second, the post didn’t ask for your interjection. Read the fucking header again. Now, think. It’s not a question that requires your judgement or any of the bullshit opinion that you spew in a majority of these threads, so the initial question doesn’t even require you to think critically. Read the question, comprehend the question, now answer the question.

When you dudes do the Floor Press, what are you getting out of it?

-Being flat allowed me to really focus on my upper back arch. Without my Japanese lady intense lower back arch, I had to focus on getting my chest up by actually squeezing my shoulders back properly. That was cool.

-More focus on lowering made me pay attention to my elbows, and keeping them under the bar. I think I was over-tucking my elbows at the bottom (of the regular bench press) and my forearms were not vertical. I can’t do any of that garbage Floor Pressing. My poor wrists would snap if the bar got behind my elbows.


I’m actually going to answer the OP’s question.

My floor press is only 5 lbs higher than my flat touch and go bench. Deep ribcage, Short upper arms. Bar is less than 1/2 inch off the chest at the floor.

There, that was simple.

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