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What's Your Favourite Tool!


I have been building a house for what seems like forever now, and have been struck by this fascination that tradesmen have with their tools, and i think its infectious.

I have been pouring over hammer drills that cost the earth because i really think i might use it 3 times. I could do with a paslode as i am too lazy to hammer a nail.

Is this affliction anywhere else? Is it a man thing?


Angle grinder.

And apparently I'm not the only one who has an obsession with this tool.


(Man in the UK uses gas-powered angle grinder to chop off boots from cars).


When I read this thread's title I was thinking "Mr Push-ups is my favourite tool".

I just bought a chainsaw on the weekend.

I have never used one before, and I can't think of when I will ever use it, but I think all men should have one just in case.


I laughed out loud at this post, not because I believed it (which I did), but because it's something I could see myself doing.


Chainsaw. Good choice, ya never know when ya may have to fight some zombies!!


A maul for splitting logs, or a 20# sledge for demo jobs. Chopping wood and breaking shit is fun.


just like Ash


my safety glasses.


...Because I'm so mature and all.

My favorite is either a chop saw, or a dremel.



If you like dremels, you need to buy an angle grinder.


The axe is the greatest tool known to mankind.



anything that cuts, grinds, shoots (nails, staples), or demolishing.

For my hobby (RC cars) my dremel is handy big time. But for yard work and clean up (especially after hurricanes), chainsaws rule the yards for a few weeks.


Mig welder is the shit; along with all welding equipment (oxyfeul, stick). Melting metal is fun. It's also good to make stuff once in a while. lol

Lincoln electric all the way.




I forgot about the nailgun.


Speaking of which, I'd like to learn to weld. There are no technical colleges in my area that teach classes on this. Suggestions are much appreciated.


electric handsaw... those things are rediculous.

I also like belt sanders... not sure why though.


Chisel is the king of tools, useful and an ideal weapon too.


Muscles :wink:

Also, anything that ratchets (wrenchs, drivers). Nothing worse than having to reseat the tool after each turn.


Bow to the mighty Sawz-All.