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What's Your Favorite Supplement?


What is your go to supplement and how does it help you?

Mine is creatine. I feel like it helps give me that extra boost I need to push more weight.


vitamine D, because i live in quebec and we dont have alot of sunny day…
Omega 3
protein shake after my workout
and magnesium before bed to sleep really well and feel good !

I wont live with them right now it really really help me !

when i have extra money i like pre workout ( but black coffee is perfect too) and BCAA !

long time i didnt took creatine, its for long time result


I guess caffeine. I rely fairly heavily on it. Brain Candy is an awesome product.

If we’re considering workout nutrition as a supplement, then Plazma is at the top of my list.


Coffee. Peanut butter. Melatonin (used sparingly) or unisolm for sleep.


Glucosamine, because otherwise my joints hurt.