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What's Your Favorite MMO?


I used to be a heavy gamer, and thought it would be interesting to see how many people on this site played/play MMOs. They're kinda addicting, but i've been "off" for almost a year. :wink:

My favorite MMO without a doubt would be DAoC. Best pvp system, ever.


I play(ed) WoW. I just got my account back after a year of not playing. I got my hunter to 75 and I'm bored again. I want to sell it.
Anybody here want it? 75 orc hunter in full 70 epics, 19 twink rogue, 62 DK, 42 warrior

what's a good way to sell it? Ebay banned my auction.


I don't play it anymore, but WOW.


Used to play WWII:Online back in the day, loved it to death, was way improved after the original release. Now my comp can't handle anything.


ebay doesnt let you sell chars anymore too many ppl get scammed prob


I've played SWG, WoW, and WAR. My favorite out of those by far was SWG, but only for the first year it was out. After a while, once they changed it up a lot, it basically became a completely different game, just with the same theme. The level of involvement was amazing.

The player owned cities and player houses, the method of harvesting materials, and the fact that the entire economy was based off of player made items was pretty bad ass. Some fun as hell PvP in that game too.

Looking forward to SW: TOR coming out probably at the end of next year. That will be fuckin' epic. That is, if I even really have time to play. Senior year of college + staying in shape = Busy.


I really liked SWG too, but once they changed it up it was a totally different game, and I was a bit too put off to give it a try.

I'm really pumped for SW:TOR also




Shadowbane - fast leveling, so the game was based around destroying other player made cities and conquering regions and or the entire map if you were big / good enough... everything good was made by players and it was the only mmo I have ever played that required you to take breaks since it could be that stressful... also, it was one of the few MMO's I have ever played that had good lore / role players in it that also was based around pvp... If they had just made a second one with better graphics I think it could have been more popular then wow for the more hardcore gamers atleast....

That said wow was fun for 3 years till I lost my account and blizzard didnt do anything, I hate leveling so in the next 6 months I may finally hit 80 after a year of trying.....


Age of Conan, WoW, COD4


No one has played DAoC? I think its a really hardcore pvp game, and takes some serious skill. I suggest people give it a try. The only downside is the pve is boring and not fun. Bad pve, good pvp. I like to think WoW is the opposite.


I played.... 50 Theurgist. Was an amazing PVP game...its pretty dead now, though I had they consolidated everything into one server so there may be some decent action going on again.


My main was a Merc. But yeah they are doing a mandatory character transfer to a new server, so its gonna be packed. I want to re-activate when that happens... But school will be starting in like 2-3 weeks plus lifting idk if I'm gonna have the time and energy to play.


I played DAoC for 4 years and had 50s with all realms. Currently playing wow but I'm craving some DAoC PvP.


I tried WAR hoping it would be like DAOC2 with just a different races/classes....FAIL!

Though I heard they are doing good things with WAR lately and its looking up. I don't have the time to play any of that shit anymore though, I hardly even touch my PS3 anymore for anything other than blu-ray movies.


I have an 80 Archmage in WAR, and a few other 40+'s


I stopped playing WoW, but it used to be that. I may go back for Icecrown, but the current content is a joke.


WoW was the last MMO I played. Once I got over the stigma in my mind of playing it, it was actually quite cool.

Planetside is by-far-and-away the best MMO I've played: developing your character, getting better weapons, commanding vehicles, my outfit going on a raid... happy memories!


I used to play AO or Anarchy Online, pretty sick game, ended the game with a pretty high char and lots of money, it's almost as popular as WoW.


Not really. My account ran out a week and a half ago, and as of that time it's still going down hill. The classes are very unbalanced, which is the main problem. All of the overpowered classes are on one side (Order), so Order dominates every server. The game is losing subscriptions quickly.