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What's Your Favorite Metal Band?


Whats your favourite Metal Band? Lets keep is real here mine are Slayer, Metallica and for the sake of it Texas grindcore, Insect Warfare. I prefer Old Metal like Slayer and Metallica list some.


metallica and slipknot!


Motorhead, Megadeth, Metallica.




Lately I've had the last album from Chimaira ("The Infection") on constant rotation. Been loving on some Amon Amarth too.



Get the Fuck Out.


Slayer, Mother fucking reigning Blood slayer.Slayer owns thrash.

Here's my story with how I came to like slayer.I was reading the pamphlet inside sepultura's arise gold edition.it was saying that untill this album came out Slayer's reigning blood was the best thrash album ever.I immediatly went out and bought this album.

Shortly after that I was ozzfest at the gorge in eastern washington the band before slayer left the stage and most the people in the pit left.As they left a wave of rough looking motherfuckers then filled the pit and slayer came out and destroyed shit.I have been hooked since.

Slayer is my all time favorite band.They have been around since 1983 and never split up (except lombardo leaving for awhile but now back) they still shred and never sold out and became pussy like metallica.I have seen them 3 times.

everytime i hear the intro to South of Heaven I think of 9/11, "in an unforseen future nestled somwhere in time, unsuspecting victims no warning no signs,judgement day the second coming arrives, Before you see the light you must die.

Not to mention there album God Hates Us all came out on 9/11.Lyric from deciple "Pessimist, Terrorist targeting the next mark Global chaos feeding on hysteria".

Yeah I like slayer alot.


^ ^did i ask you to critique my taste in music?


The thing is, slipknot isn't metal. I do not consider bands like System of a Down and Slipknot metal.


Its probably Kinda obvious what my answer would be for this. But SLAYER sits near the top for me as well. And you have to spell SLAYER in all caps.

As far as newer bands go Trivium sits at the head as far as im concerned. I may be a bit biased being an Orlando resident. Chimaria, Throwdown, All that Remains, Killswitch, and Shadows Fall are excellent as well.


Ok this should be fun...

3 Inches of Blood
Control Denied (Chuck's prog metal band)
Dark Tranquility
Gama Bomb
Judas Priest
Municipal Waste
The Crown
Twisted Sister


edit. I should read first.


okay, i posted an apology with some boobage in it but the mods didnt approve, ill jus GTFO!


Far Beyond Driven is the best lifting album ever made. Without it I would not have made a PR, ever.

Also, SLAYER is absolutely delightful.


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All I see is Slayer this, Slayer that. Mix it up people!




You're fucking welcome.


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