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What's Your Favorite Lifting Day?

Everybody has a favorite “day”, right? That one that you can’t wait to get in gym and smash the hell out of it! So I’m curious, what’s your favorite lifting day? What do you do that day? Doesn’t have to be a “leg day” or “chest & triceps”. Could be strongman style lifting routine or full body- whatever.
My favorite is leg days and my current routine usually looks something like this:

Squat Warm Up
2x10 x barbell
135 x10
205 x5
225 x5
275 x3
295 x5
345 x3
385 x1
225 x20 (or 2x8-10@245+/-)
5/3/1 determines the weight and reps for work sets, and I usually add in a little more volume for the warm up. Sometimes instead of a 20 rep finisher I’ll do a couple of back off sets of 8-10 with higher weight. I vary the squat style from time to time also using front squat and safety squat bar.

*Smith Machine Hack Squat (or vertical leg press)
4x8-10 challenging weight but light enough to get all reps
*Hanging leg raises 4x10-12
(If I’m training at home I use the vertical leg press heavy)

DB SLDL or Romanian DL
4x8 @ heavy
(I prefer DBs here but if I’m training in my home gym I’ll have to use a barbell because I don’t have heavy DBs)

Leg Ext
100 reps drop set


I train full body 3x a week, I love the sunday work out though.
Have had the extra day to recover (haven’t been in the gym since Thursday) and I haven’t had to work, so i feel like I can really smash it out.
Currently involves me trying to get 30 total reps on a certain weight in the squat.

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Overhead press day


Rest day


As soon as I submitted the topic I thought to myself you’re probably about to get 60 “rest day” comments! Haha

When I was lifting, my favorite lift-day was definitely high rep squat day. Trying to improve my “heavy 20 rep breathing squat” was the most grueling fun i’ve ever had while lifting. Other high volume squat days like 10x10, lighter 5x20’s, and lighter 1x20+'s were great too. Heavy high rep work has seen a resurgence in recent years, but it’s still way too underrated with respect to lifting for athletic performance enhancement. Most people who are into heavy squatting etc, are looking to add slabs of mass to their legs etc, but in my experience, it was the best style of lifting to improve my strength (limit, explosive, endurance, and mental) & work capacity related to vertical jumping & sprinting. Legs felt bionic.

For 1 x 20, using breathing squat style, it’s basically take your 10-12 RM and knock that out, then stand there breathing/recovering until you get to 20. After a good warmup and a slow thorough work up, that can be the entire workout lmao.


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All of them.

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Currently starting the week on a high note with Monday sessions of power cleans, deadlifts, and Poundstone curls (the dessert after the hard work is done).


Definitely my shoulder/OHP day, have been seeing some solid forward progress with it and have a lil’ trap worm or two wiggling about that makes me feel good haha

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Saturday morning squat! I’m fresh, and usually alone in my own gym. If anybody’s with me, it’s a close friend and good motivator. I crank the music and, as Eminem would say, lose myself.

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strongman events day.


My favorite lifting day is:

PR Fridays


Those who conjugate with lions know that the correct answer is deadlift day.

The rest of you are all sheep.


OHP & deadlift day, I run 5-3-1+

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Whatever is progressing at the moment.


generally it’s a pull day because it’s the only day I’ve never managed to injure myself.

Currently enjoying benching because it’s still sort of a novelty after having avoided it for so many years, but I’m one shoulder injury away from hating it again.

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At the moment whatever day involves pull-ups and whatever day involves squats or military presses.

My absolute favorite workout is doing these 3 exercises. I train mostly full body these days and for some reason these 3 exercises just go together so damn well. I usually do the squat, strip off whatever weight I need to make it pressable, then do the pull ups. Or you can make the squat its own event, then superset the other 2 exercises. It’s good in whatever rep range you want to use, but 10x3 feels great on this circuit.