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What's Your Favorite Injection Site?

Let’s here it guys, where’s you favorite place to pin, which spot is most comfortable.

Also a little newb question but on roidcalc, they said pinning delts doubles the half life of test e, compared to legs or glutes, fact or fiction? Doesn’t make sense to me why it would do this.


thats what i thought. thanks

I hit 6 injection sites–my deltoids, my tear drop in the quads, and upper quads (about 3/4 up on the side of the leg)…by far my favorite is my left deltoid…easily accessible, pain free…though pinning the quads does make aspirating a bit easier…

For a long time I used my glutes. Then I experimented with my quads, the pain so excruciating I resorted to using my glutes exclusively again.

For some reason I eventually tried my quads again and persisted with blue needles and managed to inject regularly without problem, so I gave my glutes a well needed break.

When I discovered backfilling with insulin monojects I never looked back and now prefer using them in my shoulders, so I have 6 sites I rotate.

Never been brave enough to try lats or triceps or any of the others. On the occasions I have injected daily it has only been with 0.5ml or something.

favorite site now is lats.

Also I have heard some second-hand info regarding absorption of testosterone being more efficient in the gluteal region as apposed to the delts. Also absortion is improved with lower volumes injected.

Glutes for sure. well so far anyway

Delts is definately my favourite so far. A bit awkward to reach around and inject with one hand, but it’s the least painful in my opinion, the needle goes in easy and I can’t feel a thing. I’ve only done 4 injections so far though, left delt, right delt, left quad, right quad. Defiantely not a fan of quads at all, the needle seems a lot harder to push into my quads and a lot more painful than delts, thinking of trying my glutes instead of quads next injection.

Glutes personally killed me for 5 days after. Started doing Quads and I feel no need to pin anywhere else. Slight discomfort for about a day. Then I’m good to go. I honestly just toss in in my quad like a dart lol For me it goes in nice, great spot for aspiration and control IMO.

Lats and delts

left quad, all those years of getting kicked there has finally paid off.