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What's Your Favorite Dynamic Warmup Exercise?

As I continue to train while getting older, I’ve started focusing more and more on my warmup exercises before training.

With that being said, I’m curious to see some of your favorites. Any type of dynamic warmup exercise… For Oly Lifts, Sprinting, Upper body day, Lower body day, anything.
A good example is one of my favs: Inchworm-Pushups. I do this for lowerbody and upper body day. A great way to lengthen the hamstrings and increase the blood flow throughout the body.

Terry Crews the huge black guy in white chicks, Expendables. Has one one you tube it is a work out in itself. I think it is 4 exercises one set , take light weight, trust me when i was pulling mid sixes 135 was plenty. Take just the bar one set of six bent row, then dont let go of barbell, hang clean and press x 6, romanian deadlift x 6 , then clean bar put in squat position on back then jump x 6 thats one set, repeat 3x. Adjust weigh according.

I think the best warm up for any activity, is 5-10 minutes of jogging. Or I am just too old school?

Terry Crews is hilarious and jacked!
I will definitely check out this series on YouTube. Sounds like a great dynamic progression for platform or rack day.

Old school is still relevant. I always jog, bike, or some sort of light cardio before lifting. However, adding some dynamic exercises further preps the body & joints before loading. If I went from a 5-10min jog straight to squats, my new caps would shoot off.

For me it’s waking up and feeding the dogs.

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Jesus man, I have a reconstructed ACL and am missing part of my meniscus and don’t run into that issue. What happened?

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I have the same knee issues. Everyone is different. It gets worse as you age as well. If you’re missing part of your meniscus than you’ll most likely have arthritic knees.

Yeah. Rain has been a real bitch too. Makes the thing swell up like a grapefruit.

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3-4 sets of hamstrings are good before squats. John Meadows likes leg curls. Reg Park and McCallum suggested hyper-extensions. Westsiders do Glute/hams and Abs.

They could be a bridge between the General Warm up (jogging) and the more specific warm up(light squats).

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So what do you suggest after the jogging?

Sometimes, when the weather is bad, and I cannot go for jogging. I just go straight on squats in my house with a bar. The first sets are with no weights at all just the bar … is this so bad?

Leg swings.

I love them. I keep swinging until I hear my hips “pop”, and my hips feel warm and oiled up.


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I rely on black coffee

Squats with bar and slowly progressing before a real set is a good way to go with or without jogging. If you can’t jog, you can always do something else that increases bloodflow: Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope, etc. Inchworm pushups are one of my favs too.

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That’s actually a great one that I haven’t done in years. Thanks for the reminder!

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4 mins light on the rower and then 40 ish military presses with girly dumbell military presses superset with staring at fitness chicks bouncing around in the stretching area

I find walking good too maybe build to a light jog. MAinly I just do light set of the exercise. For squatting I use the foam roller and arm and leg cirlces. Lots of arm circles for benching .