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What's Your Favorite Cut of Meat?


I've been eating a lot of London Broils lately, especially since Kroger had them for $2/lb and I bought all they had left. I usually just marinate and broil them. I've thrown top round in the slow cooker and made pulled beef w/ 2 cans of el pato duck sauce and made pulled beef, which was delicious. I haven't tried it w/ the london broils yet, but I think they are similar if not the same.

I might get sick of them though after awhile, and I'm looking for new ideas for meat to cook up.

So please share your favorite cuts of meat and or preperations.



It's fairly cheap at around $5/lb (for beef at least), and is very tender. I buy a lot of bottom round at about $3/lb, but it's tough as anything, even cooked fairly rare.


I love eating rib eyes but in general, I enjoy Top Round steak when chicken gets boring.


Kangaroo slow cooked in a coal fire, or lightly crumbed veal fillets.


Ground Beef. Amazing stuff.


Ribeye for me,


barbeque chicken thighs, even better if theres cajun sauce around.


carne asada


I love t-bone steaks, i wish i was eating one right now. FML




Just for the record...to the OP...

Your preperation method for a "london broil" is correct, however, the term "london broil"
refers to THE preperation/cooking method. London broil is not an actual cut of meat although
the term will be included in the product description. "London broil" means any thick cut
boneless steak that is usually marinated then grilled or broiled and sliced thinly across
the grain on a bias. The following cuts of meat could all be considered "london broil"...

   Shoulder steak 
   Top round steak 
   Bottom round steak 
   Eye round steak 
   Top sirloin steak 
   Flank steak

These are the most common. The term london broil is generally applied to the low to middle
priced steaks as this cooking method will enhance tenderness and flavor.

Getting back to the original question.... your favorite cuts???

To all those who said ribeye...BINGO !!


Ribeye FTW!


i've been hooked on flat iron steak...pretty cheap at kroger.


the one I'm cooking


the one that's on sale


that's a good one mate!


Fillet. but that gets expensive.

Best bang for buck = London Broil. I make a great broiled flank steak and then the next day it makes great fajitas. It's a 2 for one deal.


Skirt steak for carne asada. Cooks up quick and absorbs marinades perfectly.


I can't sit down and eat a fillet.

However you attach the fillet to a t-bone and call that bitch a porterhouse and I'll but wrapping it around my johnson and making love. Also lately a well seasoned tri-tip cooked just right has been high on the list of favorite cuts.


Frequency/Flexibility: 93% ground beef

Taste: New York Strip, baby.