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What's Your Favorite Cigar?

I haven’t seen one of these in a little while. What’s your favorite cigar and why? You don’t have to stick to one just let me know. And a cost wouldn’t hurt either.

King Edward Invincible Deluxe - 5’s for about £16 UK - $30USD?

Not had one in a long time but it was the first smoke I ever stole off my dad (he got a huge box of them when changing jobs once) - always had a soft spot for them since then.

I think I may have to treat myself.

Arturo Fuente 858 Maduro

Box of 25 for about $110

I don’t think I can pick just one. I burned through a fiver of CAO L�??Anniversaire Cameroons pretty quick recently, great smoke. They run about $120/box.

I’m becoming a fan of the Drew Estate Pimp Stick. Another cameroon, and this is from the Natural line as it’s nonaromatic. The perfecto shape is a plus too. A lot of people dis Drew Estate simply because they don’t like the ACID line, but they roll a damn fine cigar.

Aside from those I always keep at least a few sticks of these in the humi:

La Aroma de Cuba
Chateau Fuente(a few in maduro too)
Casa Torano
Perdomo Habano in Corojo
Java by Rocky Patel and Drew Estate(if I can find them)
Fonseca Vintage

I prefer a chunky robusto or perfecto in terms of size. 50 to 54 ring gauge and 4.5" to 5.5" in length. I’m a slow puffer so even a robusto lasts be a good 35 minutes.

(meangenes, you are being had on those 858s dude, they should cost you about $85/box tops)

Fuente Opus X

In general I like a variety of flavors (light to dark, creamy to spicy), but lately I’ve been really drawn to the lighter smokes. I haven’t had the funds to really experiment a whole lot (grad student) so I’ve had to pick and choose what to try very carefully in the past.

Me personally I LOVE cohibas. BUT they are illegal hear in the good ol USA, so I haven’t had one sience I went to the caribian. (i’d of smuggled some but we smoked em all)

I think I might need to try a 1990 (patel) if I can get afew.

Funny how a bunch of people who lift weights and (try) to eat right love cigars huh?

CAO America or if I can’t have that one, a CAO Brazilia.


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Good cigars are wasted on me. Every time I smoked one, I’ve been drunk.

my regulars

*macanudo hampton court (first cigar I ever tried 10 years ago)
*la gloria cubano corona

when I can get them - monted cristo #4

I recently tried the OPUS X as I always see s stallone smoking them in mags and on the net…way TOO strong for my palate and extremely pricey …so my wallet was happy that I did not like them…

I like maduros. I don’t really care about the brand as I don’t smoke them. They are better than chewing tobacco.

CAO, H. Upmann, Punch.

And, whatever someone is buying me - we usually trade off buying “rounds” at the smoke bar.

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Acid Kuba Deluxe
8.50 USD

Hoyo Excalibur #1 (about 7.50 a stick USD where I usually get them)

Some of the others mentioned above are also good. La gloria cubana is a good one too.

padron 1926 about 15-20 bucks for one awesome smoke.

padron makes my favorite cheapies too. never had one turn south halfway. never any chop chop mixed in the filler. you can tell there’s alot of pride in the workmanship as it’s a family farm based business. they grow everything they roll and it shows. that said nicaraguan tobacco is pretty distinctive in it’s flavor and some people don’t like it so much but i like it best… i like nicaraguan coffee too.

a close second to the padron 1926 is a cuban bolivar and then probably a davidoff special “R”.

there was a time when i would’ve said cuban montecristo #2 but those have been so hit or miss i gave up on them.

those la gloria cubana serie R are awesome smokes for cheap ! the catch is they’re pretty rough right out of the box(which is why they’re cheap)and you gotta have the patience to lay’em down a year anyway imo. maybe more.

Received a box of Gurkha Regent Toro’s for my birthday this year. They are something special.

I think they run about $125 for a box of 20 so they are a little pricy.

Regular smoke is a Santa Rosa Pyramid, Good as well.

Camacho liberty $18

Cohibas, Dunhills, Ashtons are quite nice as well. I try new ones all the time…I can’t ever remember there names…Some good sippin’ whiskey and a cigar and life is good.

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