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What's Your Favorite Animated Comedy Show?


-The Simpsons
-Family Guy
-South Park
-American Dad
-Rick & Morty
-The Cleveland Show

I’m stuck between Futurama, South Park, and American Dad.


Family Guy is the funniest, but has grown a little stale and doesn’t do serious topics well. Futurama is the best all around. Consistently funny from the first episode to the last, sufficiently topical, and adept at being serious and moving at times.


Also, Archer and King of the Hill make my top 5.


The Simpsons, if anyone gave up on it a few years ago, is very good in these past few seasons.



Early Cuyler is the man!


…and family guy!


I prefer high-brow comedy.


Archer. Seriously, watch Archer.


Ren & Stimpy

I can’t stand South Park, Family Guy, or The Simpsons.


the Simpsons in its glory days was the best tv show ever made. From like season 3 - 10.


Robot Chicken too. I love that show.


Also, Animaniacs. I just started rewatching it on Netflix. A large majority of it still holds up without feeling dated, though to be fair, simple nostalgia may count for part of that.


Archer. Now, please, someone, anyone, give me a handy.


Damn, I had something for this.


Southpark has given us the best individual episodes.

" Butters Bottom Bitch" Butters as a pimp
"Cream Freche" with the shakeweight

Stand out off the top of my head.


There are so many…

South Park is truly one of the greatest shows of all time.


Archer is awesome. My wife despises it but won’t turn it off. Then she recognized the voices/characters of Chris Parnell and Aisha Taylor. Now she only watches it to shut me up, and because they are on it.

It is creeping up on her.

I sure miss Drawn Together.


I know man. I can’t believe it got cancelled. Did you see the movie?


I didn’t know that there was one. Have you seen it?


Dude, it’s hilarious. If you like the show you’ll love the movie.

There’s an entire song about a taint.