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What's Your Excuse?


We all have different reasons for choking back that last scoop of cottage cheese, dragging ourselves to the gym when we'd rather be sleeping.

Just wondering what it is that gets you moving on a daily basis. What got you interested in weight lifting, and what keeps you going.

Maybe its a quote, a picture, a goal, a role model...


Old women with poofy hair and spandex often suffering from terrible swamp ass. Oh yeah baby.


fucking terrible things that have happened to me that i am just more angry about every day


Every time I want to skip the gym, or puss out of squatting or deadlifting or whatever, I remember all the years wasted getting wasted.

I remember stepping on a scale at a "friend's" house and seeing my weight was 146 (at 5'10" with a set of large Russian bones)...

I remember the days I would go without eating because my money had better places to go...

Every pound of muscle I add, every pound of iron on the bar is another bullet in the head of the scumbag I used to be.

Also, I watch Pumping Iron.


Not a bodybuilder but...
2 bro's and a sis in the guard. I have to be just as strong.


standing on the Olympia stage


I don't have an excuse...but there are reasons I do this thing I do.

I love hitting a new PR.

I love knowing that I am bigger and stronger everyday.

I love not being able to sit for a week after a heavy squat session.

I live for the feeling of not being able to do any more reps...and then grinding out 3 more.

Most of all I truly feel that it makes me a better, more rounded, introspective person


I'm no bodybuilder either;
but I love the way it makes
me feel. The pushing/pulling
& all movement knowing that
I am alive an enjoying myslef.


Trying to stay motivated is a problem for me. Sure the thought of being able to take my shirt off at the beach is nice. Not being the skinniest guy in my group of friends. Being able to defend myself in a fight. But the one that comes to hit me the most powerful when I think about it, is not having all the disks in my back herniate or colapse on me by the time I'm forty like my old man.


How does this equate to not working out? Good goal, but you can still fk yourself up that way and be a regular gym goer.


This body, this mind, this soul: they were given to me and I am trusted to improve them.

If I don't lift, study, run, pray: I fail myself, my God, my friends, my dreams, my immediate aspirations.

There's a lot of pressure to hit the gym.


Really? I thought that Injuries and accidents aside, keeping a strong back helped prevent "slipped disks" and things of that nature.


To one day get asked, are you on steroids? ok on a serious note, to be able to enjoy life to the fullest even in my later years..


I don't drag myself to the gym. I don't force food down me throat. I am hungry and I eat. I feel the need to lift weights and I do so - and if I don't I feel crapola. Our bodies are wired that way. If you don't feel that way then something is off - you are overtraining, under eating, or something who knows.

Too many people stick to things that don't work.

If I change the workout I do and it starts making me feel flatter, less energy, less strong and less motivated, it is a sure sign that it is not the right thing and I think of something else to do. It is a fine line.

I have to admit though I hate putting weights away but if I don't my wife goes crazy ... so THAT takes discipline.




I want to look good naked.

Someone had to say it.

Long live the pioneers!


'cuz there is this bastich (a good freind of mine) who is 15 years younger than me who does NOT work out...but for some darn reason his muscles are bigger in size...

Although I'm much stronger.

but I'm not a BB'er...so maybe that's the difference.


My fear of the bitch tits...


hate the feeling i get after missing even 2 days at teh gym. love being sore all the time. groaning everytime i sit down or get up cause im always sore. pumping iron gets me pumped when im not in the mood. absolutely love it


I like picking up heavy things.