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What's Your Education?


I was thinking of putting this in GAL, but I decided it would be better placed here because many of the members whos post's I read are in PWI.

Many members provide a lot of interesting and thought provoking posts, and I've been wondering for some time now what is everyone's educational background, and/or your expertise.
It can be formal(college/university) or just something that you've studied alot, and is a passion.
Asfaik, ProfessorX is a dentist, DBCooper took PolySci, kamui is a teacher, etc., etc.

I've just done some trade school for gas fitting and electrical.
I've read T-Nation and similar websites since their beginning. Followed many of the coaches, studied training/nutrition/recovery and so on.


HeadHunter got his degree in Narnia.


lol Wardrobe University

What about you DBCooper, you often have intelligent, well written posts.




I have a degree in poly sci and history. I graduated from Chico State, but I earned most of my credits at Pepperdine.


Nice background I'm sure it will help you sing my praises for at least 30 days :slightly_smiling:


LOL! I worked 3rd shift in a factory and finally got my BS from Michigan. Now have a Masters in Math Ed, also from Michigan (Go Blue!) Currently thinking of retiring from teaching (wife is loaded) and getting Phd in Math Ed from somewhere here near Cleveland, purely for my own enjoyment.

I note that the Unibomber got his Phd in Mathematics from Michigan. Yep, all math people are crazy...mea culpa.. :wink:


Lol! I'll be sure to pull out all the stops for you ZEB!


And I for you my friend should I be wr..wro.. w ..Okay I just can't say it :slightly_smiling:


Four Year Degree from UCF in Acting and Performance. Started a minor in Athletic Training but didn't finish it. IT was enough for me to work as a trainer tho. Graduated @ 21. Now 25. Might go back and get my Masters in Athletic Training. Starting several companies on the side.


I know my letters and numbers.


4yrs Fire Science. At Texas State. ALot of people ask, "what did they teach you in fire science?". Well fire hurts, needs oxygen and something to burn, now here is your diplomoa.


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Your mistake?


Numbers are dumb.


Lol ya. And my wife received her doctorate in speech pathology. Go figure.


I gots nothin but a few credits from a local CC. I am, however, on the far end of auto-didactic. I can do virtually anything mechanical and was most recently employed building window frames for churches and other institutions. Mostly new Gothic and colonial styles, with some modern, American Indian, and Jewish stuff every so often.


If I tackle one or the other and not both simultaneously I'm usually OK. A1 steak sauce makes me hide in a corner.


Heh, nice.


Junior getting a BS in Chemistry.