What's Your Dose, Frequency, and T Level?

Hi @highpull - This is an old post, but I’m going to ask anyway. Are you still injecting enanthate once per week? I am contemplating switching over from daily injections, as they are not working for me. Thanks.

No, I never noticed a difference. Just messing around.

No different going from once per week to multiple injections? I’ve heard different views due to the half life of enanthate and using it once per week.

None. Probably the same for most, especially those not on the internet.


Dont do labs much anymore (doing some next week though, more to check liver and blood vosciscity than worried about T numbers etc).

Currently on 160mg per week. Dosed 2x weekly (80mg per shot).

I find anything less than 2x weekly and I find the difference between peak and trough really noticeable.

Worth noting I’m on Sustanon though and its notoriously volatile in fluctuations on less frequent dosing due to the element that is prop ester.

You ever thought of going back to once a week?

Sometimes, when I forget the midweek dose.

I went from once a week to twice a week a few years ago. Honestly I didn’t notice a difference but for some reason haven’t gone back. Maybe I will give it a go back at once weekly too.