What's Your Dose, Frequency, and T Level?

Hi @mr.inquisitive

Yes i know these studies. Most data (as the above) comes from single dose PK studies, mostly from healthy volunteers and a relatively homogenous population. Especially the intersubject variability seem to be heavily underestimated in these studies.
Intention here is got get data on steady state levels in a heterogenous population on TRT. Data will most likely have to normalized to peak, average or trough based on the available PK data.

I take test E at 50mg twice per week and this puts me at the very top of total T range and slightly above free T range, blood test is taken before the next jab on trough

200mg once a week, 1mg anastrozole, twice a week

986 total
180 free
21 E2

200mg once a week, nandrolone 100mg once a week

1090 total
212 free
51 E2

165mg once a week

931 total
169 free
31 E2

Out of those numbers posted, which one had you feeling the most dialed in?

Those are from three unique individuals, they are all happy with TRT.

165mg once a week

819 total
257 free
35 E2

200mg once a week 0.5mg anastrozole twice a week

956 total
204 free
28 E2

Oh I see, sorry I thought they were all your levels during different protocols.

80mg twice a week

675 total
119 free
35 E2

No, responding to johann77’s request for samples.

What units are those free T numbers in? Mine the normal range goes up to like 30 I think, so those would be insanely high. I’m assuming it’s a different unit and not actually that crazy high

They are all from Quest:
250-1100 ng/dL total test
35-155 pg/mL free test
<39 pg/mL E2
10-50 nmol/L SHBG

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How have you been feeling since switching? Recently switched to ED at a lower dose than you and had E2 problems… had to readjust even lower after some days in.

You are gong to feel like shit on any change you do for a period of time and then you will feel better. Making changes based on how you feel those initial 6 weeks post change is incorrect.

For the record you’ve already been told this previously. This is more for the new folks that stumble upon your post in the future so that they don’t make the same mistake (as I did in the beginning) of changing shit too early and blaming it on estrogen.

Changed based on @systemlord 's recommendation. Will stay on track for 6 weeks at least based on yours. Went from working 12 hour days to sleeping all day, driving me crazy. Only reason I even went to ED was to remove the need for an AI and since I felt volatility on my 2x week regimen.

42mg test cyp EOD. Levels were measured about 7 hours before my shot. 3pm on shot day when I usually inject around 10pm.

@johann77 - have you compiled the data? How does it look?

Its been about 12 to 13 weeks on ED administration of 26 mg. Overall I feel good, mood, energy, gym performance etc. Haven’t had the time to draw blood yet … hopefully soon. Still having acne issues which I’ve never dealt with even as a teen. Feel like libido still swings and erection quality is hit or miss. I’ll post bloods soon.

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Interested to see these bloods. I’m 42mg EOD right now, inject at night around 10pm. I feel awesome the day after an injection… And feel just okay the day of my injection.

I want to feel awesome every day. Contemplating moving to 20mg ED… But not totally sure yet.

Do you feel better now than in previous protocol?