What's Your Dose, Frequency, and T Level?

Hi guys

Out of scientific curiosity.
What is your weekly T dose (T enant or cyt) and what T level do you have on that dose?
Please indicate how frequently you inject and when T was measured in relation to time of injection.
No judging on dose or frequency, it would only be interesting if we can come up with a ‘real life’ dose - response curve, the intersubject variability and compare it to published info.

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100mg 2x a week mon and Thursday (200mg total)
Total 1200-1300
Free 40-45

42yrs old

80mg 2x a week Mon. and Thurs (160mg total)
Quest Labs
Total Test 953 ng/dl (250-1100)
Free Test 20 ng/dl (3.5 - 15.5)

Currently switched to ED injection and increased dose to 180mg a week … 26mg daily.
3 weeks in … will post bloods after 6 to 8 weeks mark.

Thanks @testingmytesticles
When was blood collected, at peak (the day after injection) or shortly before the next injection?

Thanks @geezus_21
When was blood collected, at peak (the day after injection) or shortly before the next injection?

@johann77 Bloods done before Thurs injection … trough.

49 YO

140mg Test Cyp. [70mg on Monday and Thursday]
350iu hCG 2X/week

Latest Labs: Injected on Monday, blood draw next day (Tues.) at 10AM.
TT - 775 (300-890 ng/dL)
Free T - 27.68 ng/dL (16-31 ng/dL)
SHBG 27 (19-76 nmol/L)

39 YO

Was at 140mg weekly with daily sq injections of 20mg. Bloods from that dosage had me at 616 TT and E2 of 33 if I remember correctly. Currently doing 30mg daily, 210mg weekly but not sure where levels are currently. Labs are about a week out. As it was a large jump in dosage I believe I will be high and will be lowering after.

You know this will not be valid scientifically? Right? But, if you would like, I can round up a lot of examples for you.


200mg enanthate once a week.
Total test 900ng/dL
Free test 220pg/mL

at trough


Yes, sure.
My thinking was that it would be really nice for TRT beginners in this forum to have a more consolidated basis on what to expect from X mg T per week on average and what the variability is.
The question is asked frequently and answered typically from personal experience of 2 or 3 active members, so it would be nice to be able to provide a better and more rob6st answer.
If the forum administrator could pin it somehow that would of course be extra helpful.

There are other factors at play, like how sensitive each person HPTA is to testosterone. I have seen a guy get high normal TT on only 35mg twice weekly.

There is also the rate at which one metabolizes T and the excretion of T via the kidneys.

41 y/o
190 lbs

30mg IM daily. Test cyp.

No bloods yet.

Sure, completely agreed. This would be included in the variability of response.

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47 y/o
216 lbs @ 5"11"
65mg E3.5D (twice a week) (130mg T-Cyp)
1265 TT
45 FT
Blood pulled right before 2nd shot.

Amazing you have that high of a TT at trough with only 130 per week. Wow

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Yes I respond very well to the exogenous T.

  • Bottle is 220mg/ml (200 cypionate / 20 enanthate) compound pharmacy.
  • Alternate between 185mg and 200mg every 2ish weeks. This was on 185mg.
  • 26.5mg/daily sub-q in the stomach near navel
  • Taken 24 hours after last shot before I would normally take that days shot.
  • Labcorp
  • these bloods were a little less than a year into TRT but about 6 months in on this dose/protocol if I remember correctly.
  • 35 yrs old, 5’9 185 lbs, guessing around 14% bf

1999.1 total T (ng/dl) (264 - 916)
36 free T (pg/ml) (8.7 - 25.1)
77.6 E2 sensitive (pg/ml) (8 - 35)
39.9 SHBG (nmol/L) (16.5 - 55.9)

Currently on same protocol but doing IM in the delts instead of sub-q in the stomach and feel just as good.

49 years old
5’11 260 lbs

I just found the forum and have been learning a lot. About ready to start TRT. I went last week to a Clinic and had some preliminary bloodwork. My Total testerone they tell me was 176. That’s crazy low. It was taken in the afternoon. I did a full blood panel two days ago and am going over it with a Dr. on Tuesday. Ill have the full results then. I was told I would start out at 100MG of Test Cyp a week and also have 3 HCG shots a week.

Not sure what to expect. But hoping to lose a few lbs, and some lean muscle mass and get some energy back.

Start a log dude and keep us posted. 100mg a week is a typical starting dose titrating after 6 week blood work if necessary.

Scientists have done this many times. You can find studies on pubmed.

These data points don’t mean much by themselves. Especially without the days given. It’s a logarithmic decay, so it spikes pretty quickly then declines in a non-linear fashion.

Also, on the same protocol, levels will fluctuate +/- 150 each time you test it, in the same individual.

Last formula I saw had the average level at 8x the weekly dose across different people.

1st pic is 100 mg/wk, 1 shot, and the 2nd is 200 mg/wk. Enanthate I belive but Cyp would be the same basically.


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