What's Your Current Program?

I am doing the MM2K add 40 lbs to your bench routine. I have one more workout left and I get to test my max.

I wrote two 3 timesXweek programs A and B and perform 2 weeks A then 2 weeks B alternating.
Mon: Deadlift, vertical pushing
Wed: horizontal pushing and pulling
Fri: Squat,vertical pulling
I made a periodization scheme with many combinations of sets/reps.

I use the Westside template. I have taken the concepts in ABBH and applied them to my supplementary exercises.

I’m surprised nobody else so far has mentioned Westside. ???
Where are all the dark-siders?

Charles Staley’s A-B-A program. Simple and effective.


In my fourth week of TBT and lovin’ it. I love the constant changes. Getting stronger and harder by the day. Great program. I havent done total body training in a long time.

Just started TBT this week. Seems pretty good so far.