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Whats Your Crunch?

I’ve noticed that I see no one use weights when they crunch at the gym I go to. I do, and I like to pretend I have strong Abs.

Find something that lets you lay down at about a -45 degree angle placing the weight behind your head how much are you able to crunch up with full ROM?

This is one of those lifts no one talks about, I want to see how I match up.

Post your weight, body weight and height. Shoot for a max 1 rep.

I used to use 75lb on a flat crunch bench (where you can get your thighs past vertical, ie pointing back towards your face thus taking the hip flexors out. Did 3 or 4 sets of 12. Weight was rested on my forehead, as it was to easy to rest weight on my chest, this finally led to neck problems so I’ve replaced the move with Band crunches using the same bench and looping a green (average) band around the supporting foot of the bench and then around my chest.This works reaaly well and feels different as its harder ot the top position due to the band.