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What's Your Breakfast?


Hey guys,
What does everyone eat for breakfast?
I'm trying to find something other than eggs for a change.


I'm also having trouble finding new things to try for breakfast, as I'm a fatty and can't have carbs /cry. It's either eggs or leftovers right now, getting sick of it tbh :slightly_smiling:


a member for 2yrs and still kan't uze the search bar.



Also, I would prefer whole food rather than shakes when I first wake up.


Hm, maybe try cooking them different? But I'm not a good person to have input, aside from my quart of milk every morning, if I don't have access to eggs I usually just grab a bag of beef jerky (due to wanting more time to sleep and not being able to go to bed early enough, I need something I can pick up and go with on my way to work).


I have 2.5 breakfasts. It's always one of the 3, hardly ever the third.

I'll start with the one I never have:
Simmer steel cut oats in water with 140g frozen mixed berries, some frozen dark cherries, and perhaps some frozen pineapple/peach/mango. Let the water evaporate out, add some Splenda and salt (Redmond RealSalt*), and maybe add some flaxmeal and/or wheat germ. Serve with protein drink.

The other two are always on the menu because they're outrageously nutritious and outrageously delicious first thing in the morning (or afternoon).

I start the first by putting diced peppers (all vegetables from freezer) in a pan, then diced onion, then chopped spinach, then diced mushroom, then some thin slices of muenster or pepper jack cheese on top of those layers. Finally, 4-6 eggs go on top of all that and are cooked on medium heat for a while to glue it all together. Yolks are best intact, so I'll have to flip it all to get the top to cook (only about a minute for cooking the topside). I dust with Old Bay seasoning, and it's delicious.

The grand daddy of them all is The Egg Burrito. Unlike any other egg burrito you've tasted... It's basically the same vegetables as above with the addition of crushed/diced tomatoes and jalapenos. I scramble it all together until the water is gone and becomes almost dry. I throw in a serving of flaxmeal to soak up the last bits of moisture, layer on some Old Bay for the celery salt, and place it all onto a Mission LC tortilla (the biggest one) which I've lined with cheddar/jalapeno "Veggie Slices" (culinary choice). The egg mix melts the veggie slices as I line the TOP with Kraft Pepperjack singles. The shaping of the cheese layering matters a lot so that each bite can get equal distribution of flavors. Finally, some squirts of Frank's hot sauce on top, and a careful rolling of the monstrous package yields (CFP) 31g, 37g, 49g. It's the most nutritionally complete and delicious thing I could imagine. I know my way around a kitchen, and this one has a high ranking in my arsenal.

If you're sick of eggs, you may want to try some of the things I did with my two egg dishes, because I could never get tired of them. They're too delicious. I think the vegetables make all the difference in the world, particularly nutritionally, and especially at the beginning of the day


today turkey chili

other times
oatmeal blueberries peanut butter

or just eat diner food in the am


i eat everyday 1 cup of oats and 2 scoops of whey protein mixed up with the oats.


Super shake for me:

2 scoops vanilla protein powder,
Milk, water or yogurt,
Mixed frozen berries,
Coconut oil or peanut butter,
Ground flaxseed,

All blended, washed down with Flameout, and Vit D

I try to change things up daily.


For breakfast I scramble 6 egg whites and two whole eggs, then add on mexican cheese mixture and some salsa and hot sauce. It's fantastic, I would highly recommend it. Add in a side of turkey bacon, a cup of blueberries, banana, and high protein yogurt and I'm good to go...

If you're tired of eggs, I'd try something like that or you can just go with the protein shake and fruit combo some people I know go with in the morning for breakfast. Steak isn't bad for breakfast either actually.

I'd suggest just mixing up how you eat your eggs. Up at college I was downing a dozen hard boiled eggs for breakfast each day and that was getting really old. Came home, mixed it up, and I'm good as new.


Wow, and the funny thing is, I bet you're not a cook. Perhaps you should give it a shot, seem like a natural.


Egg whites and oatmeal. I'm very exciting.


Thanks for the input. I'm definitely going to have to try some of those mixtures. It looks like I need to be a lot more creative with my eggs.


I've been changing breakfast up lately. I used to have three cups of oats, two scoops of whey, 1 banana, water. After two years that got a little tiring.

Now, on a lower carb diet, I have a few different ones:

  1. Six whole eggs, scrambled with veggies, a shot of olive oil, and bacon, often accompanied by fruit.

  2. Steak, veggies, fruit, and nuts.

3.Chicken breast, fruit, peanut butter, and either olive or coconut oil.

  1. Six eggs raw, wheat germs, whey, olive oil, and fruit all blended together (this one can be pretty gross.

  2. If I'm in a rush, a block of cheese and fruit has been a back up.

All of the above totals between seven hundred and one thousand calories. Looking at others breakfasts, I wonder how many calories you are getting in a day. My caloric needs are higher than many, but I would imagine many of these listed breakfasts are undershooting on cals.


As someone that has always tended to skip breakfast, I usually just have a chocolate protein shake blended with a banana for breakfast. Yeah.


6 eggs over easy all yokes
2 cups of skim milk
1 English muffin
1 cup of oatmeal

When cutting I cut to 6 eggs with only 3 yokes and no oatmeal


6 whole eggs and some fruit and some wheat bread. Sometimes i just crack the eggs mix them with 2 glasses of milk and drink them. I havent had much time lately to make anythign in the am


6 whole eggs and some fruit and some wheat bread. Sometimes i just crack the eggs mix them with 2 glasses of milk and drink them. I havent had much time lately to make anythign in the am


Haha, thank you. I'm most certainly not a chef in the classic sense of the term, however since I'm very adamant about preparing all my own food and not supporting the food industry in its present state, the ability to cook just comes with the territory. It just takes time, slowly adding in new foods to your diet, learning about them individually, and getting increasingly creative with how to prepare them. I have thought about the possibilities of me being some form of chef, mainly because nobody I've ever met has as immaculate of a diet as I do. I'm just sick of people thinking eating healthy and eating deliciously are not intertwined. I don't make things that don't taste good, that's why I don't recall the last time I've eaten ice cream or any similar foods. Alas, I'm already a bodybuilder and musician, so with those taking up all my time, I'm content with keeping the kitchen mastery a secret reserved only for those close to me and lucky enough to experience it firsthand.


At the moment:

1 cup rolled oats
2 cups (280g) frozen berries
1 apple
...and a can of tuna.

840 cals.