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What's Your Blood Pressure?

I’m at 120/50 and I’m wondering if my diastolic is too low. I experience really bad fatigue and certain times of the day regardless of diet. I suspect it is adrenal fatigue after reading that latest article, but I’m wondering if it could be related to the low blood pressure as well.

I read that article also. I’ve been suffering from dizzy spells during a particularly difficult period in my life.
My blood pressure was measured at 100/70 recently. I passed out for the first time ever several months ago and came very close to hitting the back of my head on the metal edge of the shower door rail from a standing position.

About a week ago, I added 2gms of salt in the morning to my diet and the dizzy spells have become less severe and less frequent. I’m not sure if that is the solution for you but it is certainly working for me.

mate after a rough period at work and some dizzy spells etc. i had my blood pressure tested.

it came back at 160/100. I’m 25 and fit and healthy!

i got it retested a week later & it came back at 140/95 or some such.

another fortnight later my MD got me to retest and sure enough 120/75.

Reason: STRESS. I have since cut back on the late nights at work and feel 10x better.

mine is about 110/60

Around 110/60 last time I checked.

103/60 a couple weeks ago. Lowest I’ve ever seen it.

104/66 a few days ago. I’m 32, and my only point of reference is I remember in high school once that it was 100/50.