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What's Your Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate?

I’m curious as to what everyone’s BP and pulse rates are. My BP has been high lately. I’m due to donate some blood so I’m pretty sure that’s the main cause. My BP has been 144/73 on average. My pulse has been 72.

Do you think injecting 3 times a week compared to 2x would help with BP?

72 is a fine pulse rate… especially for someone mid cycle. On cycle mine ranges from 55-75 (occasionally 80 directly after a massive meal)

Off cycle 45-60

BP around 90/50-110/70 depending on what I’m on, off cycle it’s less

This will depend on whether or not levels are stable, after dosing changes levels are in flux which can cause BP changes throughout the day.

I think this is very much an individual thing. My BP ran from 130-135/85 and dropped after starting TRT, 120-125/75-80. Usually higher mid afternoon since I’ve been working all day. Injection is once weekly, 200mg, no aromatase inhibitor.

Some find that BP elevates initially only to drop later when they’ve lost 20-30 lbs of fat.

I’m on month 11. I started out at 173 and am now 185. My waste is now the size it use to be when i weighed 163lbs. Gained quite a bit of muscle and some water. Still have some fat but I’m ok with that cause I’m trying to gain. I’d like to get my BP in the good zone. Was thinking of trying to pin x3 to see if it helps. Currently pin 70 x2 a week for a total of 140. Just lowered my dose from 160 a week.

128/72 and my resting heart rate has been anywhere between 52 - 64.

Nice! How often do you work out? Any cardio? What’s your dose? Sorry for all the questions but I’m trying to gain some knowledge on people’s personal experience in this area of TRT.

Pulse is 48 - 52 and bp is 13x/7x.

TRT 100mg/week, HCG, no arimidex.

4 days heavy lifting. 2 dedicated HIIT cardio days. Maybe 2 days cardio (sled work) after lifts.

65mg t-cyp E3.5D. Coming up on two years. Dialed in for 11 months.

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Nice! Sounds like a good program.

Pulse is usually around 70 something, low 60’s at the lowest
150mg of T cream every day