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Whats Your Bloat Food(s) of Choice?


For me it PB&J sandwiches on 12 grain bread and an energy drink on the way to the gym when I'm gonna be going for a PR attempt. How about you guys?


Two Chick-fil-a chicken sandwiches and a couple of cups of pasta usually do the trick for me if I really need a big bloat. I feel like I might shit myself when I'm squatting or deadlifting, but hell, it gets the job done.



2-3 Pita gyros with fried potatoes one bottle of milk and a coke, and hour or so before the workout


I haven't done the bloat in a long time, I honestly feel better when I lift on my regular, fairly clean diet, but when i still subscribed too that philosophy,I LOVED going to the china garden. Or Wendy's, for a baconator.


There is no finer bloat than a Baconator bloat. X1000


Sicily's Ultimate Italian Buffet


Chinese buffet. All the sodium and rice helps retain water, making it for a perfect bloat food.


Half gallon of highly salted (the real stuff, not table salt) 50/50 mix of gatorade and water. It only takes 40minutes to get into your blood stream where solid "bloat" foods can take up to 2 and a half hours.


Sorry guys, I think I'm missing something ,... Are you eating like this to just make sure your fully hydrated and have plenty of aminos running through you ? or is there something more to it ? The word "bloat" is throwing me ..

I do do this myself, I just have never heard it called a "bloat" or thought about it as trying to get bloated. I have definitely put back a pizza though before the gym in the hopes of boosting a PR.


The science behind the bloat is pretty solid. The fatter you are/more uncomfortable everyday life activities are for you to complete, the stronger you are in the powerlifts. A good bloat adds more pounds then a 3ply grid stitch denim bench shirt. It's science.

The whole point is to retain as much fluid as possible before training/after weigh-ins to be as heavy and as thick as possible to improve your leverages slightly. If you are already fat and awful, this is hard to do. Odds are you are in a state of constant bloat already.

I think this is a skill that I have mastered. One meet last year, I weighed in at 229... 24 hours later I competed at 250.


My favorite pre workout meal is Utz Sour Cream and Onion Potato chips.


How much salt do you add and how long does it take you to drink it? I want to try this.



I don't really cut so there's not much concern about putting weight back on and I really just use the meet as an excuse to eat a lot of awful food.

I'm really not a fan of chinese buffets (and I call myself a powerlifter, I know I know...) but one of those awful pizza buffets sounds awesome. We actually went to Olive Garden after weigh-ins last weekend cause we're classy like that.

PBBJ sammiches don't really qualify as "bloat food" but they are a must at any meet. Personally, I like Skippy pb, a half of a banana and strawberry preserves on mine.