What's Your Biggest Mistake?

Mistakes/things to have been done sooner:

  1. Conflating bodybuilding and strength training/deciding for the latter.
  2. Neglecting power and speed training/incorporating the same.
  3. Indulging in single-joint exercises/maintaining focus on compound movements.
  4. Overtraining/utilizing more efficient work sets.

[quote]LankyMofo wrote:
Azzurri wrote:
learning that i can be socially functional without binge drinking.

I’m going through this right now. Still learning…[/quote]

Yea it was pretty hard for me. I tried to stop surrounding myself around alcohol and parties, but its virtually impossible because I live in a college town and my gf still goes to school.

It’s really annoying having to explain yourself to people when they hear you say “no thanks im not drinking tonight” so i started bringing diet sodas or water. This was groundbreaking for me because no one realizes I’m not drinking, and I have the same amount of fun.

My odds of getting arrested have dramatically decreased as well which is always a good thing once you pass the age of 18.

I think part of whats so hard is it’s a lot easier to get with the girls if you’re drunk lol. If there were no women, I would never drink.

(1) Obsessing about #s.
(2) Favoring science over experience.

Ignoring and “working” through back pain was my biggest mistake.

Superslow training was a mistake.

“One set to failure” was a mistake. (Didn’t realize they did all those “warmup” sets first!)

[quote]RPC wrote:

Just a helpful hint: stop taking daily measurements. You’ll drive yourself nuts with the data. Take measurements every week or even better every two weeks for a solid trend. Body weight and fat % numbers will fluctuate daily and easily stress you out if you think about the numbers too much.[/quote]

Frankly, a lot of people around here need to START taking daily measurements.

Fewer data points yield a LESS accurate trend. For example, if Day 14 is a high outlier, you won’t get the real picture of what’s going on.

The solution to stressing about the variation is:

Just observe the numbers rationally. The numbers are what they are. Learn from them; don’t avoid them.

Toxic people and not packing my lunch before work.

  1. not taking magnesium
  2. food scale
  3. counting macros
  4. not taking BCAAs
  1. NOT doing Cardio from day one - I only lifted and didnt do any cardio and saw no definition and wondered why like an idiot.

  2. Waited like a moron to start working out my legs. I was the typical college student who concentrated heavily on upper body and did very little leg work. Now I think I do the opposite lol.

  3. Concentrated too much on the advanced stuff and supplements instead of just mastering the basics (workouts and supplements alike).

  1. Letting people get to me and convince me I was “too into health.” Fuckwads.

Chinese Buffets

try to “clean bulk” when i lift for an hour a day then go to a 2 hour lacrosse practice. I’ve had way better gains since I started drinking milk and eating everything in sight, and bodyfat has actually gone down/stayed the same while eating more…

Not starting earlier.
Wasting time on people who flake out after 2 weeks.

At about 55 yeas of age, I let myself get physically & mwentally get way too overworked. My imune system went to zilch, a cut on my leg infected. When I drove to a hospital they said I was 2 hours away from dieing, and had a temp of 106. A week later I talked my way out of the hospital, and left on a walker, with parts of my left leg burned out, and brain not functioning too well, pancreas not working toowell either.

They said the only reason I lived was from years of exercise and supplements/vitamins. That and getting tto manjy injurys in the line of duty. on previous years. I am probably 85 to 90% back of what I used to be. I have to use high reps, and light weights, but am working full time+. At 65, I probably world do it all over again, it was the right thing to do, just more carefully next time.

Phillip, I’m calling bullshit on your story. You say the only reason you lived is because of years of exercise and vitamins, as well as getting too many injuries in the line of duty. Ohh wait, that makes perefect sense…getting injured on a battlefield would help fight an infection 30 years later…pfff haha

also, I think you might want to run your next post through spellcheck…haha

Coming from a FFB…

  1. Using food as a reward (e.g. cheat meals)
  2. Trying to cut without cardio
  3. Neglecting PWO nutrition
  1. Not keeping a training log
  2. Not keeping a food log (now using fitday)
  3. Having a huge cheat day every week

My biggest mistake was thinking that BSN supplements were gonna make me huge. That was a long time ago fellers. 7th grade to be exact. 2.)using shitty form for the sake of more weight. 3.)Training for the hope that the opposite sex would check me out.

Going crazy in my last off season! I ate Maggie Moo’s ice cream I think every night. It took me forever to lean back out for my next show. I will never do that again!!!

  1. Being a dumbass and neglecting cardio when dropping fat
  2. Worrying too much about numbers/what other people are putting up (still getting over that)
  3. Convincing myself that I ‘needed’ cheat meals
  1. Not being BRUTALLY honest with myself
  2. Listening to my body when it wants some rest
  3. Getting rid of the old image I have of myself as I go through these physique changes