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What's your best answer to those (mostly feminist) ramblings?

Hi! Every once in a while, I keep seeing all those (mostly feminist) anti-men ramblings, whether its chain letters or power point presentations in the same chain letters? Other than forgetting it totally or blocking the source, what’s your best answer to originators of this waste of bandwith? Same request, but also for real-life verbal situations? Personnally, I try to shut up until someone asks my opinion. (Obviously, sometimes the ‘source’ almost asks for it, and i do speak out nevertheless…it all depends on the source and the delivery). In short, in my mind, these crusaders automatically add strikes to their profile when they engage in such conduct. Thanks for the input!

It depends on the argument and specific aspect of their feminist argument. Men and women are very different with different needs and mentality. It’d be foolish to say that all women should be like men or vice versa. The point is to acknowedge the difference and respect that AND give every equal opportunity to excel in whatever field they choose. For example, women and men should not be denied of an opportunity just because of their gender.

BTW – I think it’s rather for those silly feminists to insist that both genders should be EXACTLY the same. How boring.

OK. Thanks Stella. =0)

What about the classical (dumbass) jokes of the ‘men are like…X’ or ‘what’s the difference between men and Y’? Most women stay on that level when talking, hardcore feminist or not.

Any specific tactics that work?

So far, I have tried A) counter balancing the argument (logic), B) point out the stupidity if argument X is taken to the extreme, C) questionning the flawlessness of the finger-pointer.

I usually feel like talking to a wall composed of the emittor’s self-interest. Sort of like asking a smoker to stop. 99% of the time you get knee-jerk reactions that are self-serving 100% of the time. In other words, waste of energy.

But I am always open to options that get results (by results I mean just getting the ‘emittor’ to reconsider, think or --dream on-- stop the propaganda).

Surely, somebody has a way that works here! =0)

I don’t know what exactly you are refering to in terms of arguments you are recieving, but assuming it’s what I think it is (what Stella was refering to, not wage discrepancy stuff or legitimate issues), here’s my solution.
If she’s bashing men, just tell her that she’s an angry androgenist who is lashing out because her father didn’t pay enough attention to her when she was a kid (or you can call her fat). You have a reasonable probability of temporarily catching the verbal assailant off guard (flustering through disproportionality)), allowing you to run before the bomb goes off. Either that or you’ll immediately escalate the argument and, with escape hopeless, you’ll have to use that cyanide pill you carry around your neck. To the Glory of the Emperor.

Just let them believe whatever makes them feel better about themselves. The worst punishment is to let people walk around still being disillusioned.

E McKee, that was hilarious! Nice!

As for the original question, I find that the following works well:

“Y’know, for a fat chick you sure do have small tits…”

Pretty much any feminist (male OR female) will bow to your logic. Give it a shot and see.

Listen as if interested while you drop an SBD. Smile. Wait a moment. Smile some more. If you are eating a high protein T-man diet, the situation will take care of itself.

It is simple “you(Eve)should not of eaten the apple”

They will shut up and get so pissed you will laugh.


Make sure that the woman in question is not an elite sprinter, or she’ll catch you and make you sorry you said it. :wink:

I love to wear my testosterone t-shirt. I know which are the loony extremist feminists. They always glare at me when I wear it. I know a lot of women that get a kick out of it though.

If you ever get into a discussion, just agree with everything she says.

“You are absolutely right. You are very smart for a broad.”
“That lesbian thing must make you smarter. And I don’t believe in that penis envy crap, after all those strap-on things make that irrelevant.”
“I’m sorry, my penis is making me dumb, but I am hoping to get a little smarter tonight.”
“Women should run the government, at least 3 out of every four weeks.”
“More women should get into the government, just look how successful Monica Lewinski has become.”
“That was such a smart statement, did it make your nipples hard?”
“What did you say? I wasn’t listening, I was staring at your breasts.”