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What's Your Bathroom Reading Material?


What's your reading material when you "sit upon the throne"?

I currently have a few Sailing magazines, a copy of the Art of War and a book about Taoism.

When I'm not home I just play Angry Birds or Roly Poly Cannon.

BG has the Hagakure (and inspired me to create this thread! LOL).

So, with all the massive eating and millions of pounds of protein we, as a community, consume, I'll bet that collectively we have a LOT of time on the John. So how do YOU "pass" the time?


Take your laptop into the bathroom and surf T-Nation while you shit.


A couple fishing catalogs, whatever book I'm reading at the time, a book about toilets from around the world, and a book called "Letters From a Nut" by Ted Nancy which is the original trolling and is one of the funniest books ever written.



or i have this book in there


I play solitaire on my phone while i'm taking a dump.


there is a large stack of muscle&fitness, auto week, car&driver and motor trend in my bathroom, but I usually bring my phone in there and play games or browse online.

I need to download a copy of chuck vs mr. t...


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"Is that the new and improved?"


"I read that one already."


ya'll need to eat more fiber if you need reading material on the shitter


Just Tesco-Lidl-Aldi-Penny-Auchan-Spar catalogues. Not "reading material", but you can browse through them in 2-3 minutes, and plan what to buy on budget next time you hit the grocery stores. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the long run, you save a shitload of money and even get in some NEPA due to the "cycling to the store-buying stuff-carrying it home" thingy.


"Ye old pickup lines and come-ons"


Islands Magazine


Wooden Boat magazine, Small Craft Advisor, my Droid and a good cup of coffee :slight_smile:


I take my damn laptop. Sometimes even when Im done, I just sit there for alittle while longer. Its so damn relaxing.


I read either Savage Sword of Conan or my favorite magazine 12th Century Hungarian Cabinet Making Monthly.



Effin' Nards!


I must admit I stole that from a category in the game show at the start of National Lampoon's European Vacation.


I agree with Jax Un. I dont think I spend much more than 5 minutes max on the "throne".

Arent you all bodybuilders that watch what they eat? I suggest you have issues if your spending more than 5 minutes on the toilet.
May I suggest almonds, spinach, fruit and vegetables.

Just saying.

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Effin' Nards! >:frowning:


Words with Friends!