What's Your Background and Goals?

Just curious as to what everyone’s martial arts experience is and what if anything they hope to do with it.

I’m a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo ready to test my third degree once I can afford to. I’ve trained for 18 years but didn’t train much in high school or at all in university so there’s a 7 year hole in there. I coached the Samoan national Taekwondo team for 2 years and am now coaching an after school general martial arts class.

I’d also like to learn Gongkwon Yusul which is a modern Hapkido

Oh yeah I also think this looks extremely practical as a self-defense using a baton or any other stick to create a lever rather than using it for hitting and would love to learn it as well for purely street self-defense purposes:

As well as a more traditional Hapkido from someone like Master Shin

I’m getting TEFL/ESOL certified so I can go teach English in South Korea and continue my training. Maybe someday return to America and open my own school.

I spent 9 months in high school training Kempo (not Kenpo), then went right into Tae Kwon Do for a little over 3 years. Both of these I was training 6 days a week.

When I graduated high school I spent 6 months training Wu Shu Kung Fu, then maybe 6 weeks training a little Wing Chun Kung Fu.

After graduating college I did about 6 weeks of Capoeira, then maybe 4 years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training 3 days a week.

Sometimes I hit and kick the heavy bag. On a lay-off from Jiu-Jitsu since December.

Goals are to have fun and improve at striking and grappling.

damn, i like the techniques in hapkido.

what are some other form of arts that deal with joint locks and things like that standing up when people grab?

What is the best art for throws?

As well what would thing like…getting out of chokes, chokeholds etc…what martial art does that fall under, or is that just more “combat” system

8 years training. Mostly olympic taekwondo, 1st degree bb. had 1 year of ammie boxing in there with about 5 fights. Have done judo on and off but nothing major.

Best art for throws = judo hands down

joint locks standing stuff - may want to look into japanese jiu jitsu, judo, hapkido, various styles of kung fu.

getting out of chokes etc is gained by progressing in most grappling arts.

Goals are to get back into competing heavily in olympic tkd. Work on getting a bb in judo and competing in that. Or perhaps doing some muay thai

3 years of Tang Soo Do(as teenager)
8 years of Hapkido
3 years and counting of Muay Thai…spent a good time doing smokers and “talent searches” last year which resulted in making USMF/MTAT Team Texas. The celebration for that was short…as I found out I had a pulmonary embolism soon after. Currently on blood thinners…so I’m looking at probably a year before competing in anything.

I’m keeping myself active and still training technique(no sparring for me) until then. Once I’m healthy to compete,I hope to actually get some fights as member of Team TX on USMF circuit…AND looking to try to make some fights on international circuit. Ideally,I want to experience some muay thai fights…THEN I want to focus on MMA.

2.5 years Chayon-ryu, now 3 years in Krav Maga. Went back to MMA class tonight for the first time in many months & split my lip wide open 90 seconds into class. So proud, ha.

We don’t compete, so my goal is to improve as both a student & instructor, & continue to work my way up in the system. I’d also like to work more LE/mil, but I won’t be able to specialize in that til I’ve achieved higher rank.

Years of Goju-ryu karate, with a big break in between in it. Took up boxing a couple years ago, and also have a good amount of experience in MMA grappling and BJJ. Recently I’m trying to integrate moves from old WWII combatives books that mirror a lot of karate teachings.

Was never really concerned with competing… just do everything for self-defense. I used to get in a lot of fights in my younger days, but that’s over for the most part. So now it’s a lot more reading about crime, avoidance and awareness, street survival, all kinds of shit that keeps my interest.