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What's Your Back Routine?

just getting back into bodypart splits, as i have some joints that need some time off from heavy singles and triples a la- a westside template.

yesterday was chest, felt great to get back to some higher rep work.

today is back, followed by:
wed- legs
thurs- shoulders
fri- off
sat- arms
sun- off

the chest workout was pretty simple,
1)flat barbell bench
2) HS unilateral incline machine
3) low incline DB press
3) pec deck

did 4 working sets for flat bench, 4 for HS incline, 3 for low incline DB press, 3 on pec deck. felt like a good amount of volume, workout couldnt have gone smoother…

the back routine is not coming to me as easily as the chest did though, so i figured id see who i could get to weigh in here and share their bodypart split back routines.

in my head:
-barbell rows or t-bar rows- 4 sets
-wide grip lat pulldowns- 4 sets
-HS unilateral high row machine- 4 sets
-finish with 3 sets of 12-15 reps on assisted pull-up machine?

i do love deadlifts, but i dont think im going to include them right away. and if i did them as a back exercise, i wouldnt be able to do legs the next day.

if i did them as a leg exercise, i wouldnt be able to do shoulders the next day. the only way i could fix that is by doing them on leg day, and switching shoulder day and arm day with each other, which i may decide to do after i try this schedule for a couple weeks.


One arm DB rows/wide grip pullups/seated cable or chest supported rows/bent over bb rows

just threw that together…

i will say this, i did prison style t bar rows (bar wedged in corner with plates on one end) forever as a staple of my back routine and loved the results. however, i dont feel that it has been great for my overall lower back health.

I think the setup (the initial rep from ground to working height) is where the problem lies, especially when going ‘heavy’. I haven’t done them in months and alot of lower back pain and seated/sleep discomfort are gone.

they call it prison style? thats how i do them too. thanks for the reply

Heavy Bag!

Now for the fun one… Bentover Barbell Rows, and HEAVY as hell! Love em! Sometimes I would rather do Bentover Barbell Rows over sex… sometimes. I got my priorities sta-rate!