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What's Your Area Like to Train In?

Im getting back into football and steering away from just pure size and strength and have been concentrating on running alot more. Not the boring long distance running but speed and agility work, acceleration and jumps but i find i need to do alot of this outside as my gym only caters for so much.

I have been going over playing fields not far from my house but a fair drive away and doing sprints in marked football pitches as the weather has been nice. They are covered in dog shit but you can normally find a clear spot if you look.
This morning i had a problem though. It was raining quite bad but i still wanted to train but the pitches arent kept very well and would be waterlogged.

I went over my local park before but nearly fucked up my ankle as the ground is soo uneven and the grass has been too long the last couple of years.
I found an athletics track which i had to pay to run through puddles which covered it. There is an indoor athletics centre but clubs use it and you have to book your time, i just want of get out of bed and workout!
All places like astroturfs we used to play on as kids are now padlocked and you have to pay.

I live in London not far from the Olympic park and i thought how hard it was just to find some decent open space to run on nowadays that you dont have to book or pay for?

I know other countries like Australia, NZ and parts of the USA have it much better. Our weather is shit but so are our facilities.

Whats it like in your area? How do you train around bad weather and bad facilities?

I run along a riverside path and I’d suck a bag of dicks for some English weather. I think 12 degrees and rainy may be the perfect weather for running, I mean in the sense of keeping you cool.