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What's Wrong With This Picture?


I’ll make a turkey club for whoever gets it first


5x O winner?

20 characters

EDIT: that’s a shot in the dark


no turkey club for you!

I’ll give you a hint: I’m not talking about factual inaccuracies in the information on the poster, but something is VERY WRONG


A show with Mr. Olympia’s name attached doesn’t appear to have a bodybuilding division.

I’ll take extra bacon, extra tomato, and avocado instead of mayo. Thanks.


We have a winner!

Although what the fuck, Colucci? You can’t sub out a condiment in favour of avocado. There is no universe in which avocado is an acceptable mayo substitute.

Anyway, it’s pretty grim that Phil Heath’s show doesn’t even have a bodybuilding division. Sign of the times, I suppose. Physique and bikini make all the dollars.

Avocado Beats Mayo?

Oh yeah?


look, Brick, we all know you’re itching to sport coat it up and get on stage. It’s ok, really, we all support you.


Yeah! :slight_smile:

It’s odd stuff. Who thought of this stuff?


the scary thing is where it’s going to go to next. The next logical step is the “average” category where the person with the most average physique wins and you’ll be marked down for being either better or worse than average.


Looks like this was in my city, didn’t even know about it.

The Ronnie Coleman Classic is in April, The Europa Expo is in June, and the Branch Warren classic is in July. All of these are established shows in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. That might make it tough to draw IFBB bodybuilders to what I assume must be a lesser show (I assume it’s a smaller show since I knew about the other 3 and not this one). Kind of an oversaturation of events in a short period of time in the area. Just a guess.


AOL still exist?? Even today?