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What's Wrong With This Picture?


So, I'm lining up my gym time for a business trip next week and checking out some gyms. This pic is a snapshot I took from one of the virtual tours.

Do you think the photographer or whoever put this together visits the gym much?

Just hit me as funny....


oh, barbells? Well, they could be used as barbells by very little people.


I guess that what you mean is that there are barbell on the floor but there are no empty spot on the barbell rack. I don't know, maybe they have an endless barbell rack, you pick a barbell and another comes right out


no, those are dumbells in the picture.


Yeah, what a dumbbell.




stupid webmaster.


Holy diva....I probably couldn't un-rack some of those bigger ones.


Haha, nice one.


Someone didn't bother to rack their weights.





I could unrack them....probably not much more...those bigger ones are probable like 200+lbs.


Actually they look more like 120s, somewhere around there.


LOL. I didn't actually squint at it, I've been doing an excel project for like 5 hours and my eyes are a little fried.


I believe the politically correct term is midgets


Uh, it's slightly blurry?


Is it because it's called "real gis" (but read: real gizz)?

:wink: jk

DB = Barbell, right? haha